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Need to Rent Turf or Construction Equipment? Kenney Has You Covered

Are you working on a project but don’t have all of the turf equipment to complete it? Don’t worry – Kenney Machinery has a full line of rental equipment to meet all of your needs.

Kenney offers name-brand equipment from Toro and CASE – including application equipment, mowers, construction equipment and much more – for rental at affordable prices.

Benefits of Renting Turf Equipment

There are several reasons renting turf equipment makes more sense than purchasing new or used equipment.

One of the most common reasons to rent turf equipment is when you’re existing equipment breaks down and you’re waiting for a repair. Renting ensures your business won’t face any disruption in work.

Renting equipment is also a smart choice when you need a piece of equipment you rarely use, such as an aerator, which is typically only needed once or twice per year. You’ll also avoid the cost of repair, maintenance, replacement and storage when renting turf equipment, compared to owning.

Renting turf equipment is also beneficial if you’re starting a business and don’t have the money to purchase all of the needed equipment yet.

When Not to Rent Used Equipment

In some cases, though, buying used or new turf equipment is a better option than renting.

Renting turf equipment is not a good solution for long-term use, as the cost is much higher when you factor in the marked-up price of paying for insurance, property tax and maintenance of the rental equipment.

You won’t recoup any of the costs of renting equipment, either. When you buy used or new equipment, it’s an investment, as you can sell the equipment when it’s time.

Kaeser Air Compressors Now Available for Rent!

Special announcement: We now have Kaeser Air Compressors available for rent! If you need a Kaeser Air Compressor to prepare your irrigation system for winter, call Aaron Kent at 317-281-3087 to make a reservation. Daily and weekly rates are available.

Kaeser Compressors

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We offer both short-term and long-term turf equipment rentals. Popular turf equipment rentals include aerators, top dressers, material handlers and mowing equipment. Our rental agreements can be tailored to suit your needs.

Turf Equipment Rental Fleet

We offer one-day, one-week and month-long rentals for your convenience.

Fairway Mower Rentals

  • Reelmaster 5500: $350/day, $950/week, $1,900/month
  • Reelmaster 5410: $400/day, $1,050/week, $2,100/month

Greens Mower Rentals

  • Greensmaster 3400 for $275/day, $700/week, $1,800/month

Rough Mower Rentals

  • Groundsmaster 3505 for $300/day, $900/week, $1,800/month
  • Groundsmaster 4100 for $375/day, $1,050/week, $2,000/month
  • Groundsmaster 360 for $200/day, $500/week, $1,250/month
  • Groundsmaster 3280 for $200/day, $500/week, $1,250/month

Utility Vehicle Rentals

  • Workman MDX for $300/week, $700/month
  • Workman HDX Hi Flo for $600/week, $1,400/month

Application Equipment Rentals

  • ProCore 648 for $1,400/day or $2,100 for 2 days (one day has a maximum
    of 12 hours)
  • SandPro 5040 for $200/day, $500/week, $1,250/month
  • ProSweep 5200 $1,500/day or $2,100 for 2 days (comes with Hi/Flo
    Workman UTV)

Construction Equipment Rentals

  • Rayco RG55 Stump Cutter: $350/day, $1,050/week, $3,150/month
  • Morbark Eeger Beever 812 Brush Chipper: Call for pricing
  • TX525 Dingo Compact Utility Loader with bucket: $150/day, $450/week,   $1,350/month
  • TX1000 Dingo Compact Utility Loader with bucket: $180/day, $540/week,   $1,620/month
  • Pro Sneak: $450/day, $1,450/week, $3,400/month
  • Auger for Dingo: $100/day, $300/week, $900/month
  • Trencher for Dingo: $100/day, $300/week, $900/month
  • Power Rake: $100/day, $300/week, $900/month
  • Soil Conditioner: $100/day, $300/week, $900/month
  • Forks: $50/day, $150/week,  $450/month
  • Leveler: $50/day, $150/week, $450/month
  • Mud Buggy: $140/day, $420/week, $1,260/month

Note: For Case Construction equipment rentals, click here to reserve through our partner RPM Machinery.

RPM Rental

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Contact us today to learn how you can solve your capital or maintenance issues with turf equipment rentals. Delivery charges may apply. In addition, we can provide on-site training on equipment. Standard servicing, parts and repair for all equipment are not included in the turf equipment rental rates.

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