Solutions for Healthier Turf

Flood Recovery

Spring showers bring May flowers, but, unfortunately, they can also cause damaging flooding. Heavy rains in the spring and summer can cause devastating flooding to sports fields and turfgrass. Fortunately, Kenney Machinery has the tools and equipment to help your turf and sports fields recover from flooding. Contact us today to help your turfgrass recover and thrive again.


If you want your golf course or sports field to really stand out, contact Kenney Machinery for irrigation solutions. The irrigation technology experts at Kenney can offer tips and implement solutions for water savings, central control, weather stations, as well as the latest in quality and performance. We can also perform an irrigation audit to identify areas that need improving, such as faulty equipment, under watering or over watering, and make recommendations for healthier and greener turf.


Does your turf look lifeless? It could be because of a buildup of thatch, which is a layer of dead turf roots and grass stems that naturally build up between the grass and the soil. Unfortunately, excess thatch can prevent turf from receiving enough oxygen, water, and nutrients, causing it to become prone to disease. Verticutting (also called vertical cutting), though, removes thatch buildup so your turf can absorb synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and nutrients better, creating healthier turf.

Turf Aeration

Turf aeration is the process of using an aerator to create holes in the soil to help promote healthy growth and improve soil drainage. Aeration allows the soil to take in more oxygen while releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Turf aeration is especially useful for keeping golf courses and sports fields in optimal condition and health. Improve your overall soil conditions with turf aeration.


Aside from removing excess thatch as we previously mentioned, verticutting can also remove other organic matter and material from turf to promote better access to nutrients such as water and oxygen. Verticutting causes turf to feel less spongy and causes grass blades to grow higher. Overall, it’ll significantly improve the look of your turf.


Whether you own or manage a golf course or sports field, you’ll want to ensure the irrigation system is winterized before the arrival of cold weather. Winterization protects delicate components of the irrigation system from breaking if water on the pipes freezes. Contact Kenney Machinery for winterizing services for your golf course or sports field’s irrigation system.

Synthetic turf

More high schools and colleges are turning to artificial turf for their sports fields, as they are safe and reliable. However, regular cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance, including infill replacement, need to be performed to keep them in top shape. For maintenance, repairs, or installation of synthetic turf, contact Kenney today.

We all understand the importance of having reliable turf equipment on hand. If something breaks down unexpectedly, it can leave you scrambling to find a solution. That’s why a service agreement from Kenney makes a lot of sense. A service agreement ensures all of your company’s turf equipment receives the proper maintenance to keep it performing optimally all season long.

We schedule service based on the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, which our service department manages. That way, if you forget to schedule service, don’t worry. We have you covered!

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Financing Options from Kenney Machinery

We all know that turf and irrigation equipment and systems aren’t cheap, but they are necessary to keep your golf course and sports field turf looking healthy. With approved credit, you can make payments over time to lessen the financial burden. Contact Kenney Machinery to speak with one of our employees about the various financing options we offer, or click on the link here to apply for a line of credit.

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