On-Site Equipment Service

What Does an On-site Equipment Service Include?

With on-site equipment service, scheduled maintenance is performed at your location via our mobile service vehicles. This saves you the hassle of needing to send your equipment to us to perform the necessary service.

What your maintenance appointment includes will largely depend on your equipment and its overall usage. For example, a reel mower that hasn’t received maintenance in a few years might need its moving parts lubricated, and the mower blades cleaned and realigned.

In cases that require more complex repairs, units may need to be transported to our location to ensure that we have the time and tools to properly provide a solution.

The time frame for when your turf equipment requires service is based on the factory-recommended service intervals. This depends on operating hours or the calendar period. No matter when or how often your turf equipment needs service, Kenney Machinery can ensure your equipment is maintained properly.

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Do I Need an On-Site Service Agreement If I Have My Own Staff?

Service agreements from Kenney Machinery were designed to complement the practices that are already being performed by your existing staff.

Kenney Machinery’s services go beyond what many companies are able to perform on their own. Many of your equipment’s maintenance tasks require specialized training and tools.

With an on-site service agreement from Kenney Machinery, you’ll save time, and your employees will be free to do other tasks while we maintain your equipment.

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What Are the Benefits of a Service Agreement?

Factory Trained & Certified Techs

When you trust Kenney Machinery with your equipment, you can rest assured that our technicians meet the standards of the product manufacturer. Our technicians have been trained according to their standards and continue to receive the training necessary to keep them certified.

EETC Trained & Certified Techs

Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) certified technicians have undergone courses and exams to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to provide service on outdoor power equipment. When you take advantage of a service agreement with Kenney Machinery, you’ll ensure that your equipment is being worked on by only the most talented and knowledgeable technicians in the industry.


Giving your equipment the necessary preventative maintenance is critical to your systems’ long-term success and productivity. By enrolling in a service agreement with Kenney Machinery, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the service that you need, while also enjoying the benefit of saving money.


After joining a service agreement, you’ll never again forget to have maintenance performed on your turf equipment. We’ll communicate with you to ensure that maintenance is scheduled within the recommended time frame. Let us relieve you of the stress of remembering to schedule service by joining a service agreement.

Tailored Service

Companies have different and unique needs, so each service agreement should be tailored to the specific organization to ensure it receives the best service for its equipment.

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Contact Kenney Machinery for On-Site Maintenance and Repair Services

When it comes to the long-term health of your equipment, it’s important that you trust a team of certified and experienced technicians. Your equipment needs maintenance on a regular basis to avoid serious problems down the road.

Groundskeepers, golf course superintendents, and other property managers can turn to Kenney Machinery for on-site turf equipment maintenance and repair services throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky. You can trust our team with all of your equipment’s repair and maintenance needs. No matter how unique your needs may be, the team at Kenney Machinery has the experience to find the best solution.

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