Toro Fairway Mower

Why Toro Fairway Mowers?

Unparalleled Cut Quality

Equipped with Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units, Toro Fairway mowers guarantee a flawless cut by ensuring consistent blade-to-bed contact. Want a flawlessly manicured putting green? How about a gorgeously clipped baseball outfield or soccer pitch? That’s the level of detail you can anticipate across your entire fairway.

Toro Fairway Mowers offer a unique advantage with an adjustable clip rate and ground speed, allowing you to fine-tune mowing to match specific turf conditions and desired blade overlap. This level of control enables you to achieve a signature, professional look that distinguishes your course.

Enhanced Productivity

Toro Fairway Mowers are engineered for speed and efficiency. Wide cutting decks easily cut acres in record time, while high-speed operation allows your crew to cover more ground quickly. Features like tight turning capability and intuitive controls minimize wasted time maneuvering, while intelligent features like GPS guidance ensure optimized mowing patterns and eliminate overlap. The result is more mowed fairway, park, sports field, or estate lawn in less time, freeing your crew to focus on other essential tasks and giving you peace of mind knowing your course is impeccably maintained, on schedule, and often under budget.

Unmatched Durability

These workhorse mowers are built to endure the punishing demands of daily use, season after relentless season. Toro decks are made from strong steel, resisting bumps, scrapes, and even the occasional golf ball. They don’t get worn out easily and stay strong long after other mowers have succumbed to rust and dents.

Forged steel spindles, industrial-grade bearings, and commercial-grade engines enable your crews to work smoothly for hours without any issues. Easy-access grease points and readily available parts make routine maintenance a breeze. And, features like self-adjusting reels and sealed bearings minimize downtime and keep your mowers in the field, where they belong.

Advanced Technology

Toro Fairway Mowers can follow pre-programmed routes for consistent, overlap-free coverage. This translates to cleaner cuts, reduced fuel consumption, and less operator fatigue. Intuitive touchscreens and digital displays let you fine-tune everything from cutting height to ground speed on the fly, ensuring optimal performance for any turf condition.

These smart mowers also adjust blade engagement based on terrain, automatically shut down when encountering obstacles, and even communicate maintenance needs in real time. This frees your crew to focus on higher-level tasks while enjoying the confidence of knowing their machines are thinking for themselves.

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Why Choose Kenney Machinery?

Experienced Sales Staff

Benefit from the guidance of our experienced sales team at Kenney Machinery. Our knowledgeable experts are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Toro mower for your specific needs, ensuring a tailored and informed purchasing experience.

Unmatched Service and Maintenance

Experience comprehensive service and maintenance solutions to keep your mowers running smoothly. At Kenney Machinery, we go beyond the sale, offering ongoing support to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Toro equipment.

Competitive Prices

Discover the best deals on Toro mowers at Kenney Machinery. We are committed to providing competitive prices, ensuring you get top-quality equipment without compromising your budget.

Convenient Locations

Visit one of our conveniently located showrooms or browse our selection online. Kenney Machinery is dedicated to offering accessibility, making it convenient for you to explore and get the Toro equipment you need.

Expert Guidance

Choosing Kenney Machinery means tapping into a wealth of expertise. As an authorized Toro dealer, our proficient team provides expert advice tailored to the needs of landscaping and turf management professionals. Rest assured, our products come with comprehensive manufacturer support.

Diverse Product Selection

Explore a comprehensive array of Toro innovations at Kenney Machinery. Whether you need mowers, utility carts, or even compact utility loaders, we have a diverse selection of products for you to choose from. And you can lean on our dedicated sales and customer support teams for assistance throughout your acquisition journey.

Training and Maintenance Support

Need service or training on your new equipment? Kenney Machinery has you covered with hands-on training and demonstrations and maintenance and repair services. Our skilled technicians are specially trained on Toro equipment and use genuine Toro parts to ensure durability and optimal performance.

Exclusive Promotions

Look out for exclusive promotions and discounts at Kenney Machinery. We aim to provide added value and savings for customers investing in Toro products, making your purchase even more rewarding.

Community Connection

By choosing Kenney Machinery, you support a local business deeply ingrained in the community. Experience a personalized and community-centric buying experience while gaining access to top-quality Toro products.

Financing Convenience

For added convenience, Kenney Machinery may offer financing options for Toro products. We aim to facilitate customers in acquiring the outdoor power equipment they need without straining their budget. Choose Kenney Machinery for a seamless and rewarding Toro equipment purchasing experience.

Visit Kenney Machinery today and discover the Toro difference. Elevate your course, enhance your player experience, and invest in the future of your green space with a Toro Fairway Mower. We are confident that Toro’s unmatched performance and reliability will exceed your expectations and keep your course looking its best, season after season.

Contact Kenney Machinery today for a free consultation and let us help you find the perfect Toro Fairway Mower for your needs!


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