Construction / Industrial

Although both Kenney Machinery Corporation and the Toro Company started out serving primarily turf professionals, both have since branched out into other markets, including construction and industry. Kenney Machinery offers many services that construction professionals will want to take advantage of, including our used equipment sales, equipment rentals and on-site maintenance services.

In addition, we offer products such as the Workman Utility Vehicles, the Toro Dingo compact utility loader, and the Toro ProSneak 365 vibratory plow that would be of interest to industrial and construction customers.

Utility vehicles can come in highly useful during large scale construction projects. However, it is important to have somewhere safe to store a utility vehicle when keeping it on a construction site for a prolonged period of time. Correspondingly, some construction companies use shipping containers for this purpose. You can find a range of storage container rental options that are suitable for construction site storage on the Conexwest website.

Toro DingoToro Dingo Compact Utility Loader

The Toro Dingo compact utility loader is designed to be a more efficient alternative to hand labor. It can perform the tasks of a front loader or compact track loader while also getting into tight spots that other equipment can’t reach.

Click here to learn more about the Toro Dingo, including all of the available attachments.

Toro ProSneak Vibratory Plow

Toro ProSneakThe Toro ProSneak 365 vibratory plow delivers powerful plowing in a compact, maneuverable package. With the 23? tires mounted narrow and inward, the ProSneak has no problem fitting into tight spaces. A Yanmar 3TNV88C-DTR4 stroke liquid-cooled engine with 36.8 HP ensures constant performance while plowing or trenching.

Visit the ProSneak micro site to learn more.

Toro Workman Utility Vehicles

Toro’s Workman UTVs, especially the Heavy-Duty (HD) line of vehicles, will be of special interest to construction and industry professionals. With dozens of available accessories, they are among the most versatile utility vehicles on the market today, and also easy to maintain. These vehicles could potentially be used during the construction process by Norseman Structures to help the development of your building go smoothly and efficiently the way you need it to.

Check out the overview video for the Workman HD below, and then visit our Workman UTV page for more information.