Used Application Equipment

The Benefits of Buying Used Application Equipment

  • Lower costs. The most significant benefit of buying used, and likely your primary motivation, is the lower costs associated with used equipment. You can offset entry barriers by opting for used so you can allocate savings to other areas of your business. 
  • Backed by thorough inspections. When you buy used application equipment from Kenney Machinery, you don’t need to worry about receiving compromised equipment. At Kenney, we comprehensively inspect every piece of used equipment. That means pre-owned equipment has been tested to ensure high-quality performance, results, and reliability.
  • A detailed description of the current condition. After our thorough inspection, you’ll be provided a detailed description of the equipment’s current state. Additionally, you’ll be given information about any warranties or guarantees that may still be valid and applicable to your equipment.


For more information about the benefits of buying used application equipment from the professionals at Kenney Machinery, reach out to us today. We’d love to answer any questions that you may have.


Application Equipment From Kenney Machinery

  • Toro is known for producing equipment of the highest quality. That’s why Kenney Machinery is proud to be a dealer of Toro products. We offer Toro application equipment, including:

    Toro Multi Pro® 1750

    The Multi Pro® 1750 was designed with accuracy and performance in mind. The unit utilizes leading technology to deliver desired results. It features a 175-gallon tank and a 25-hp twin-cylinder gas engine. No matter the job, the Multi Pro® 1750 provides exceptional results in even the most challenging and demanding environments.

    Toro Multi Pro® 5800

    The Multi Pro® 5800, on the other hand, features a 300-gallon tank and a 50-hp gasoline engine. It has been designed and manufactured to deliver optimal performance and exceptional results. 

    Both Multi Pro® units from Toro can be upgraded with GeoLink® GPS Technology. These features share your location with the equipment’s smart system to turn nozzles on and off automatically. This eliminates potentially overlapping an area and provides significant savings in the long run. 

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