Benefits of Verticutting

Verticutting your turf is backed by a number of benefits such as:

  • Greater access to nutrients: Thick thatch buildup keeps your turf from accessing valuable nutrients that are needed in order to thrive. Verticutting areas with heavy thatch is the best way to eliminate thatch and help your turf access these valuable nutrients.
  • Improved turf health: Many valuable nutrients are obtained through the soil of your turf. Thatch buildup essentially blocks these nutrients from ever reaching the roots of your soil. Over a period of time, this can impact the overall health of your turf.
  • Water conservation: Seeing that your turf hasn’t grown or looked as healthy as it once did, you might have overwatered the area in an effort to restore its health. Eliminating thatch will help your turf’s roots access water easier, allowing you to water it less frequently than you otherwise were.
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How to Know When You Should Verticut Your Turf

If you walk on a certain area of turf and it feels very spongy, it’s a sign that thatch might be present. To confirm this, you can take a spade and dig up a small chunk of your turf. Look at it from the side. If you see around an inch of thatch, it’s time to verticut your turf.

Verticutting your turf can help to eliminate a large amount of the thatch that has built up within your turf. This should typically be done during the spring and summer months, as that will allow your lawn to properly recover from the dethatching process. Contact Kenney Machinery today to learn more or to receive high-quality verticutting equipment.

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