Bullseye Equipment

Types of Equipment From Bullseye

Synthetic Turf Equipment

Artificial turf often benefits from equipment that is explicitly created for that type of turf. Synthetic turf equipment from Bullseye has been specially and carefully designed to care for synthetic turf. Equipment such as the QuickGroom and FieldClean are gentle on the synthetic turf, protecting it from damage that could be caused by using the wrong equipment on the turf. 

Cleaning, grooming, and de-compacting synthetic turf has never been easier than with synthetic turf equipment from Bullseye. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer.

Fraise Mowers

Bullseye offers NuSurface 470 and 790 models that can be used to fraise mow, flail mow, dethatch, renovate, or even verticut. Typically used on golf courses and sports fields, they’re highly efficient at removing grass and resurfacing areas. Bullseye’s line of fraise mowers provide single-pass turf renovation and leave smooth surfaces behind, each and every time. 

Reach out to Kenney Machinery today to learn more about fraise mowers from Bullseye.


Seeders from Bullseye are simplistic and easy to operate for the user. Bullseye’s line of seeders includes slit and dimple seeding options and features a seed metering system that allows for optimal calibration and seed drop. Bullseye offers the following seeders:

  • Bullseye AccuraSeed™ 620. Featuring a 9.7 cubic foot capacity hopper, the AccuraSeed plant’s seeds directly into the ground without damaging the surface. It provides users with exceptional productivity and efficiency.
  • Bullseye RapidSeed™ 430/590. With a capacity of 6 or 8 cubic feet, the RapidSeed specializes in randomly dispersing seeds through the unit’s spiked disk roller. This model is available in two widths, allowing you to find the best model for your needs. 


Bullseye offers both walking and tow-behind aerators that provide water, nutrients, and air with easier access to the roots of the grass or turf. Their line of aerators can succeed in even the toughest of terrains and soil conditions. Like all other products from Bullseye, their line of aerators provides exceptional performance, reliability, and innovation.

Contact Kenney Machinery today to learn more about ProCore, AeroThatch, or RotaQuake aerator equipment from Bullseye. 


Topdressers can mount to utility vehicles, such as the Toro Workman and provide up to 8 mph topdressing speeds. Other topdressers from Bullseye can be towed with a utility vehicle. Each model provides different capacities, capabilities, and topdressing speeds. Get in touch with Kenney Machinery today to learn which topdresser from Bullseye is best for your unique needs.

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Why Work With Kenney Machinery?

Kenney Machinery knows that you depend on quality equipment to complete daily tasks efficiently. That’s why we’re proud to work with only the most reliable and trustworthy equipment manufacturers. We’re passionate about providing our customers with durable equipment that will withstand the test of time. With Bullseye products distributed by Toro, you can trust that you’re receiving equipment from an industry leader.

The team at Kenney Machinery has been helping customers find the best equipment for the job since before the turn of the 20th century. Contact us today if you have any questions about what type of equipment you need for any given job. We offer new, used, and rental equipment, and we’re passionate about helping customers keep their turf and grass healthy for years to come.

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Regardless of the type of Bullseye equipment you’re interested in, we’d love to help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help. We’ll take the time to thoroughly discuss any equipment to ensure you’re making the best choice for your business.



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