Is a Service Agreement Right For You?

How do you track the scheduled planned maintenance intervals that are performed on your equipment?

We utilize service management software that tracks maintenance and repair history. It also alerts us of any factory updates and communications that may be applicable to your equipment. We pro actively schedule services at your location and at times that are convenient for you. Are you confident that your equipment is getting the attention it requires today?

Who performs your planned maintenance?

Whether your needs are long or short-term, we can work with you to develop a plan that supports your team/s capabilities. Our expert technicians are equipped with a robust inventory of specialized tools, equipment and parts, and can help your team stay focused on its main objectives. What are the main objectives your team is focused on?

How do you handle man-power shortages?

It happens to all organizations. Whether a shortage is anticipated or not, seasonal or permanent, or just a special occasion that requires more from your team – give us a call for assistance. We have the right people to help you get the job done. How have you covered your team’s responsibilities when you’ve experienced labor shortages in the past?

How well do you manage the resources required to maintain your equipment?

Rely on us to help manage these resources. Our technicians are Toro and EETC certified and receive ongoing training to stay at the top of their profession. In addition to our people, we invest heavily in specialized tools and equipment and maintain a huge parts inventory. How much valuable time and money do you spend managing these resources?

How much break/fix expense do you incur each year?

Planned maintenance minimizes costly repairs by identifying small problems before they become large, expensive ones. Would a reduction in unexpected repair costs help you better manage your budget?

How important is productivity to your organization?

Investing in improved operating efficiency and reduced equipment breakdowns can pay off with invaluable productivity gains for your team. Does the quality of your work suffer when your equipment is not operating properly?

How long do you intend to keep your equipment in service?

Planned maintenance extends the life expectancy of your equipment, allowing you to obtain maximum value from it. It decreases the total cost of ownership and may increase the residual value of your equipment as well. What future costs will your team incur if your equipment is not properly maintained today?

How do you budget for the maintenance your equipment requires?

Planned maintenance agreements can create a fixed monthly expense that makes budgeting easier. They can also be packaged into lease or purchase agreement terms at the time of purchase. Would stabilizing your equipment maintenance expenses improve your budgeting process?

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