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Benefits of Turf Service Agreement

  • On-site Mobile Services – Our mobile techs visit your facility to perform planned maintenance and repairs, rather than you having to bring it to our facility. This increases the amount of time your equipment is productively working for you.
  • Factory Trained & Certified Technicians – Our technicians are experts at inspecting, diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining Toro equipment. They are trained and certified by the same people that manufactured the equipment.
  • EETC Trained & Certified Technicians – Because we want to ensure our techs are providing maximum value to our customers, we independently certify them as well. This means they can handle all of your turf equipment needs, even non-Toro.
  • Cost-effective – Our service solutions help our customers get more for their dollar. We add real value to the bottom line by stabilizing budgets, reducing parts and repair expenses, eliminating costly tool and equipment investments, and increasing productivity.
  • Communication – We proactively communicate the status of your turf equipment during each visit. We can help you with the daily maintenance and operation practices that will keep your team moving in the right direction well after we leave.
  • Tailored Service – No matter what your service needs are, we’ll try to find a solution that works for you. We have programs that range from simple plans to augment your current practices to more integrated partnerships that help you better manage personnel and budgetary demands. We tailor our services according to your specific needs and demands.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Equipment Service Agreement?

It’s a custom service solution to fit your specific needs, ranging from routine planned maintenance to extended protection programs. It ensures that the required maintenance is done on time and at the required intervals to protect your investment and keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Q: Where Does Scheduled Maintenance Occur?

Scheduled maintenance is performed at your location via our mobile service vehicles. While we try to always perform maintenance at your location, units may occasionally need to be transported to our location for more complex repairs.

Q: Who Schedules the Service?

Scheduling is based on the factory-recommended service intervals based on operating hours or the calendar period. The schedule is determined upon consultation with the customer and managed by our service department.

Q: Why Do I Need a Service Agreement if I Have My Own Maintenance Staff?

This program is intended to complement your existing staff and maintenance practices. Many of the maintenance tasks require specialized training and tools. This program can free up your employees to do mission-critical tasks.

Q: Why Would I Need a Service Agreement if I Lease My Equipment?

Service agreements can be bundled into the lease, providing a fixed cost for the maintenance throughout the life of the lease. This provides budget stabilization and ensures proper maintenance is being performed.

Q: What Do I Get With a Service Agreement That I’m Not Getting Today?

A service agreement is a proactive approach that minimizes non-productive downtime and maximizes productivity. A factory-trained technician can spot potential problems before they become expensive repairs, as well as maintain your equipment as per the factory recommendations. This keeps the equipment operating at peak efficiency when you need it.

Q: How Much Does a Service Agreement Cost?

The price is model specific and based on your operating and maintenance needs. Contact your sales or service representative to discuss a service agreement proposal that works for you.

Q: How Do I Get Invoiced for a Service Agreement?

There are a number of options that simplify invoicing and can assist with budget stabilization. Some service agreements can be folded into the equipment purchase at the time of the sale. Choose the option that’s right for you. Contact your sales or service representative for details.

Q: Who Maintains the Service Records?

Our service department takes care of the important process of record keeping and maintains the complete service history of your fleet under this program.

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