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Gone are the days when landscaper contractors and groundskeepers had to pick up wet leaves, grass clippings, and other debris by hand. The Harper Hawk sweeper from Harper Turf Equipment helps you clean large areas in less time and with greater efficiency than ever before.

The machine features a dust-reducing recirculating air system that captures debris in one pass. This ensures that the collected debris is efficiently contained within the sweeper, reducing the amount of dust and airborne particles released back into the environment.

The Harper Hawk sweeper works effectively in wet and dry conditions alike, and can even run on rough terrain due to its four-wheel drive system.

Kenney Machinery provides Harper Hawk sweepers from Harper Turf Equipment to businesses throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky.

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Slope Mowers

Sloped terrain presents challenges for traditional lawnmowers and landscaping equipment. Not only is it difficult to maintain consistent cut quality across uneven turf, but mowing on steep slopes can be dangerous without the right equipment.

The ATM 72 slope mower from Harper Turf Equipment can mow effectively on hills up to 34 degrees. The system reduces the risk of a rollover and keeps constant contact with the ground to ensure a precise and even cut.

Due to the machine’s low center of gravity and wide stance, the ATM 72 slope mower provides exceptional stability on uneven terrain. The operator can switch between a fixed blade or a swinging blade to accommodate different mowing conditions. Both for rough cutting and finished mowing, the ATM 72 slope mower is a great solution.

Get in contact with Kenney Machinery today to learn more about the ATM 72 slope mower from Harper Turf Equipment or to see it in action.

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Turf Vac

Harper Turf Equipment offers three different types of turf vac systems that are designed to minimize dust, clean more effectively, and operate quietly:

  • TV40: Known as the most cost-effective vacuum in the industry, the TV40 from Harper Turf Equipment is the best turf vac on the market for artificial turf. This tow-behind system makes quick and easy work of cleaning up leaves, clippings, and other debris. Additional options, such as a curb brush or remote hose attachment, are available to offer a solution tailored to your exact needs. 
  • TV60 RE: The TV60 RE model is the ideal solution for large grounds. This tow-behind turf vac features a hopper capable of holding up to 7 cubic yards of debris. The machine’s wireless remote control can be used to adjust the throttle and pick up debris all from the comfort of your seat.
  • TV60 RHD: Among the most maneuverable turf vacs on the market today, the TV60 RHD can efficiently remove trash, leaves, and other debris from large areas, including sports fields and other recreational areas. It is compatible with different rotors, such as verti-cut, brush, and rubber finger rotors, to provide maximum productivity.

The experts at Kenney Machinery can help you find the right turf vac for your specific needs. Contact us today for Harper Turf Equipment products in Indiana and Western Kentucky.

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For outdoor surfaces and mulching, Harper Turf Equipment has innovative solutions.

Top Feed Straw Blower

Harper Turf Equipment’s Top Feed Straw Blower makes the mulching process easier than ever before. Thanks to a 30-foot discharge hose, the Top Feed Straw Blower features a discharge distance of up to 50 feet. 

The machine’s automatic bale feed can process an entire bale with ease. This helps you reduce job time without subtracting from your performance levels. The Top Feed Straw Blower is a top choice for professional landscapers and maintenance crews who require efficient and convenient mulching.

Innovative Turf Equipment That is Built to Last

Machinery from Harper Turf Equipment all share similar goals; to help you maximize efficiency and get the job done right. Their commitment to durability and longevity is evident in their use of high-quality materials and robust construction techniques. They understand the demands that landscaping and maintenance industry professionals experience, and they strive to create products and equipment that can withstand the rigors of daily use, even in the most challenging environments.

Haper Turf Equipment products prioritize efficiency, allowing you to complete tasks more effectively and save valuable time. Contact Kenney Machinery today to learn more from our talented sales team.

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At Kenney Machinery, we’re proud to be able to provide our customers with industry-leading equipment from the top manufacturers. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Harper Turf Equipment because we genuinely believe in the quality of the products they create. Contact our team today for products from Harper Turf Equipment throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky.


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