Toro Turf Equipment

Toro turf equipment has its advantages. It is designed and built to deliver years of dependable performance and to help maximize your staff’s productivity.

Toro is constantly working on ways to improve cutting systems for the best results. The Toro EdgeSeries reels will be incorporated on all Toro® Greensmaster® and Reelmaster® mowers as new units are produced.

Continuous Improvement in Cut Quality – for Less!

Edge Series Reels

Quality of cut is perhaps, the most critical aspect of reel mowing, and Toro is constantly looking for ways to simultaneously improve your cutting performance and save you money. During the development process, Toro engineers looked for innovative ways to improve how our cutting units are manufactured, from the blade materials down to the cutting geometry.

We’ve summarized here the key new features:

• Turf Quality and Appearance. The forward-swept reel design has an improved helix and blade angle, offering a very precise cut across the full width of cut.  With a clean cut also means you will experience improved turf health and less chance for disease.

• Durability. Each EdgeSeries reel features tougher reel blade materials with improved wear-resistant properties that hold an edge longer. Extensive field testing of EdgeSeries reels to date has demonstrated that they typically last 30 to 50 percent longer, which helps reduce both maintenance and replacement costs.

• Lower maintenance Costs. Better edge retention means there’s less grinding, less backlapping and less maintenance involved for the overall cutting system. Less maintenance also means lower labor costs — and the many improvements to our cutting systems, taken together, represent significant improvement to the overall cost of ownership for all Toro Greensmaster and Reelmaster mowers.

edge series reels2

With this new technology you will spend less time and money on maintenance and leave your fairways and greens looking their absolute best.

Toro Utility Vehicles: Tackling the tough jobs

Toro is an industry leader when it comes to utility vehicles.  The Toro Workman line of UTVs is more versatile and affordable than just about any other comparable equipment.   Between the Workman GTX, Workman HD, and Workman MD product lines, we have the vehicle you need to get the job done.

Toro Workman UTVs


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Fairway Mowers

When looking for the performance and ease in fairway mowers you will want to check out the Reelmaster Series from Toro and Kenney Machinery. Find the size and model you need today.

  • Superior after cut appearance
  • Fast set-up, easy adjustments
  • Reduced maintenance

Reelmaster-7000-DRM7000_03708 Reelmaster-6500-DRM6500_03 153132Reelmaster-5210RM5210_03660.jpg Reelmaster3550-DRM3550_XXXXX Reelmaster-3100-D-With-SidewinderRM3100_Sidewinder_03170


Rough Mowers

The Groundsmaster® 4000-D is the strongest most productive 11′ (3.4 m) mower available today. With the Yanmar® turbo-diesel, 55 hp (41 kw), engine you can quickly mow through a variety of cutting conditions. The 4000-D has the rare ability to mow a 0 degree uncut circle without the use of wheel brakes.  Additionally, you can select from 10 different models within the Groundsmater Series, giving you the choice to fit your exacting needs.

  • Maintain rough quickly without sacrificing aftercut appearance
  • Trouble-free performance and reliability
  • Versatility of cutting width to maximize labor savings

Groundsmaster-4500-D-4700-DGM4500_4700 Groundsmaster-4100-DGM4100_4110 Groundsmaster-4000-D-4010-DGM4000_4010

Trim and Surround

  • Exceptional maneuverability for handling
  • High quality aftercut appearance
  • Trouble-free performance and reliability

15313230534GM360_2WD_30534.jpg 15313230534GM360_2WD_30534.jpg 153132Groundsmaster-3280-D-3320GM3280_30344.jpg 153132Groundsmaster-3500-Dcm1950_gm3500_30839_32.jpg Reelmaster-3100-D-With-SidewinderRM3100_Sidewinder_03170 Groundsmaster-7200-7210GM7200_7210


Walk Greensmowers

  • Industry leading cutting performance
  • Productive, versatile and easy to operate
  • Ease of set-up and maintenance

153132Trans-Pro-80-100TransPro80_04238.jpg Greensmaster-800GR800_04054 04042GReFlex2100_04042


Riding Greensmowers

  • Industry leading cutting performance
  • Productive, versatile and easy to operate
  • Ease of set-up and maintenance

153132Groundsmaster-3500-Dcm1950_gm3500_30839_32.jpg Greensmaster-triflex-3300GRTriFlex_3300_04510 Greensmaster-3150-QGR3150_04357 grounds_mowers


Specialty Mowers

  • Specific tools for precision applications
  • Tackles tough undulations, steep slopes and banks with ease
  • Combines professional striping with unparalleled maneuverability



Application Equipment

Consistent application and precise control are easy to achieve every time with Toro sprayers and top dressers.

 Multi-Pro-1750-41188MP1750_41188 Multi-Pro-1250-41198MP1200_1250_41198MH-400MH400_44930

Ways to deliver chemicals accurately every time …NEW from Toro


Cultivation Equipment

Cultivation has never been more productive, efficient and effective. Unlock the full potential of your turf with Toro Cultivation equipment.

153132ProCore-ProcessorPCProcessor_09749.jpg 153132ProCore-864PC864_09715.jpg 153132ProCore-648PC648_09200.jpg 153132Seeder-93Seeder_93_44835.jpg

Specialty Equipment / Debris Management

Renovate, clean up or condition your property in a fraction of the time with superior results. Toro offers the most productive, versatile, hard-working equipment in the industry.

 specialty_greens_roller special_bunker_rakes specialty_compact_utility specialty_debris_equip