Golf Course Turf Equipment

new and used golf course turf equipment for sale

Golf Course Turf Equipment Sales & Service

Kenney Machinery has the experienced golf course turf equipment specialists that you need to help you obtain the beautiful results you want to achieve for your golf course. With our proven Count On It Method, you can be guaranteed that your fairways and greens will reflect your hard work and dedication to achieving the beautiful course you want.

Complete our complimentary “Peace of Mind Audit” and tell us what your vision is for your club, and we will work with you to create a Blueprint for Peace of Mind action plan. Using the Kenney Machinery Fleet Analyzer, we can offer you a series of Service Solutions that will meet your needs and budget.

New & Used Turf Equipment For Sale

At Kenney Machinery, we offer the widest selection of golf course mowers, used turf equipment and utility vehicles from the leading brand, Toro.

View Our New Turf Equipment Inventory

Learn about the Toro 30″ Ride on Aerator and the advantages it has to offer for your course maintenance. Can your course benefit from the improvements offered by Toro? Contact our team to learn more today.

If you have more work than the new or used turf equipment you need, we offer turf equipment rental services to get the job done and not break your budget. We offer short and long-term rental contracts. Our rental agreement can be tailored to suit your needs.

Golf Course Turf & Irrigation Solutions


Golf Irrigation System

We can offer you the latest in Irrigation Technology to meet the needs of your golf course’s turf. Whether you have the need to update or design a new system, call upon the professionals to discover how you can incorporate water savings, central control, weather stations and all of the latest in performance and quality. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.