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What Is a Service Agreement for Turf Equipment?

At Kenney, we develop our service agreements to fit the specific needs of each company, whether it’s developing a routine maintenance plan or extended protection programs for your turf equipment.

We all know that turf maintenance equipment can be expensive, so it only makes sense to keep it in good condition. Just like all machinery such as cars and appliances, a lack of regular maintenance can lead to breakdowns, expensive equipment repairs, and even premature replacement of turf equipment. A service agreement ensures all of your company’s turf equipment receives the proper maintenance on time to keep it running at peak performance and efficiency all season long.

When you enroll in a service agreement with Kenney, maintenance is performed at your location by one of our mobile service technicians. Scheduling is determined based on the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, which our service department manages. That way we’ll contact you when it’s time for service so it doesn’t accidentally slip your mind.

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Let Kenney Handle All of Your Turf Equipment Service Needs

Kenney’s trained and certified technicians come equipped with specialized tools and diagnostic techniques and are ready to serve you. Some of the benefits of partnering with Kenney Machinery for your turf equipment service needs include:

Factory Trained and Certified Techs

You may wonder why you need a service agreement if you have your own in-house maintenance staff. Our technicians are here to complement your maintenance staff. Many preventative maintenance tasks require specialized training and tools, which Kenney’s specialized maintenance mechanics possess.

Mobile equipment service from the staff at Kenney can free up your employees to take on more critical tasks. We can also provide service and assistance for your company in the case of unplanned man shortages to keep projects on track.

EETC Trained and Certified Techs

We know how to maintain and repair all makes and models of Toro equipment. How so? Because our technicians are trained and certified directly from the manufacturer! That can provide your company with the peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else.


A service agreement from Kenney also allows you to get more bang for your buck. You can eliminate purchasing costly equipment and tools used in preventative maintenance and repairs to reduce expenses. We invest heavily in specialized tools, equipment, and parts to ensure we always have everything on hand that our customers might need.

Tailored Service

We’ll tailor our services to fit your business’ specific needs, whether it’s augmenting your current practices to helping your company better manage personnel and budgets.

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Contact Kenney Machinery for Repair and Maintenance Services

Planned maintenance extends the life expectancy of your equipment, allowing you to obtain maximum value from it. It decreases the total cost of ownership and may increase the residual value of your equipment as well. If you’re interested in enrolling in a planned service agreement with Kenney Machinery, or would like to receive more information, don’t hesitate to reach out today for more information.

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