Toro Rough Mowers

Why Toro Rough Mowers?

Greater Durability and Quality of Cut

These mowers are built to withstand the demanding conditions professional use throws at them. Their heavy-duty frames are constructed from thick steel tubing that can handle bumps and impacts without getting bent or warped. They also feature cast-iron or fabricated steel decks that are more resistant to damage than decks made from lighter materials. They are reinforced with additional welds and gussets in high-stress areas for greater durability.

Equipped with precision-engineered cutting decks and high-performance blades, these mowers ensure a consistent and even cut, regardless of grass type or terrain complexity. They’re specifically designed to optimize airflow and grass dispersion, minimize clumping, and provide thorough coverage with each pass.

Impressive Power

Toro rough mowers are known for their muscle. Unlike their residential counterparts, these commercial-grade mowers are outfitted with robust diesel or high-horsepower gas engines that make tackling challenging landscapes and extensive mowing jobs a breeze.

This power boost lets you tear through dense grasses, navigate uneven terrain, and maintain consistent mowing speeds across large fields. Toro rough mowers enable your crews to more easily conquer large areas, allowing them to complete projects faster and move on to the next task.

Incredible Versatility

Toro rough mowers are celebrated for their adaptability, tackling diverse terrains from golf courses to parks with ease. Offering adjustable cutting options and compatibility with various attachments, they excel in versatility, enabling operators to customize mowing patterns and perform multiple tasks efficiently.

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions year-round, these mowers also deliver user-friendly features like power steering and intuitive controls, ensuring smooth maneuverability even in tight spaces.

Wider Decks for Wider Cutting Widths

One of the most defining features of Toro rough mowers is their impressive cutting width. Unlike smaller residential mowers, these professional machines boast decks ranging from 47 inches to a whopping 72 inches wide – a significant advantage when you have fields, greens, and roughs to mow.

The Toro rough mower can dramatically reduce mowing time, allowing your crews to tackle vast areas far more efficiently. With this increased productivity, you can complete jobs faster, move on to new clients, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Prioritized Comfort

Toro rough mowers prioritize operator comfort with thoughtful design elements aimed at reducing fatigue and enhancing user experience. Equipped with ergonomic seating and adjustable features, such as steering controls and seat suspension systems, these mowers offer a personalized fit for operators of all sizes. The intuitive layout of controls ensures ease of use, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand without unnecessary strain or discomfort.

Toro rough mowers are also engineered to minimize vibration and noise levels, creating a quieter and smoother ride for operators. This reduction in noise and vibration not only enhances comfort during operation but also contributes to overall operator satisfaction and productivity.

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Why Choose Kenney Machinery?

At Kenney Machinery, we carry the quality, reliable equipment that your business depends on, including Toro rough mowers. When you buy from us, you’ll receive personalized customer service from a partner dedicated to your success, plus we’re here to help with all of your future maintenance and service needs. Here are just a few reasons to partner with Kenney Machinery.

Knowledgeable Staff

Kenney Machinery staff are highly knowledgeable, so we’re happy to provide personalized advice and help you find the Toro equipment that’s the best fit for your unique business needs. Plus, since we’re an authorized Toro dealer, you’re buying authentic Toro products that are backed by full manufacturer support.

Comprehensive Toro Product Range

Toro innovations include everything from mowers to golf carts and more. As a result, we can fully outfit your golf course maintenance department or help homeowners purchase the right mower for their residential property. Our team offers dedicated customer support, and we’re here to help you not only during your purchase, but with any future service needs.

Hands-on Training and Maintenance Services

We want to ensure that you have an optimal experience with your Toro equipment, and that starts with helping you learn how to optimize the use of your machinery. That’s why we offer hands-on training and demonstrations. We also offer maintenance and repair services using genuine Toro parts to keep your equipment performing at its best.

Exclusive Promotions and Discounts

Periodically, we offer special promotions and discounts to our customers to maximize the value and savings you enjoy when buying Toro products from Kenney Machinery.

Local Business Connection

Kenney Machinery is a local business with deep ties to your community. When you choose us as your Toro dealer, you’ll access quality products as well as a personalized, supportive buying experience.

Financing Availability

You can get the Toro equipment you need now with Kenney Machinery’s financing options for Toro products. Financing helps ensure you don’t strain your budget, while still being able to make that equipment upgrade or buy that new machine that your team needs.

Contact Kenney Machinery Today

The future of lawn care is here with turf equipment from Toro and Kennery Machinery. With our comprehensive selection of Toro rough mowers, including models like the Groundsmaster 3200/3300 Series and the Groundsmaster 5900 Series, you’ll find the perfect solution to elevate your golf course maintenance operations.

Contact us today to explore our range of Toro rough mowers and experience the difference that quality equipment and exceptional service can make for your business.


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