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What Are the Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Turf Equipment from Kenney?

Saves on Costs

It’s no secret that new products will almost always be more expensive than the same type of used products. Buying used mowers from Kenney Machinery will help you save on the overall costs of your equipment, allowing you to allocate resources to other areas of your business.

Equipment Is Thoroughly Inspected

We understand that buying used products can sometimes be nerve-wracking. You might have questions about the overall quality of the products that you’ll be receiving when you buy used. When you buy used mowing equipment from Kenney Machinery, you can rest assured that your equipment has been thoroughly tested and inspected by the most experienced professionals in the field to ensure quality.

Contains a Detailed Description

When buying used equipment, you should receive a complete description of the products you’re purchasing. This should tell you all you need to know about the mower, the condition it’s in, and anything else you might need to know, such as guarantees or warranties on the system.

Get a Quality Brand for Less

Buying used mowers from Kenney Machinery doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on equipment from the best brands in the industry. We offer mowers from top companies like Toro to ensure that you have access to the best used products and brands in the industry.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Turf Equipment from Kenney?

Purchase Used Turf Equipment from Kenney Machinery

Kenney offers a huge selection of golf course maintenance equipment including:

Greens Mowers

If you manage a golf course, you know how specific and exact the mowing requirements are for greens. Kenney Machinery sells used greens mowers to help you reach the perfect cut on your golf course’s greens.

Fairway Mowers

Fairway mowers help to provide the specific cut that fairways require in order to meet the playing standards of your course members. Used fairway mowers from Kenney Machinery provide you with excellent traction and superior grass appearance.

Rough Mowers

Similar to all other types of grass on a golf course, roughs require a very specific cut. From pull-behind to riding rough mowers, Kenney Machinery has the used turf maintenance equipment to help you get the job done.

Trim and Surrounds Mowers

Trim and surrounds mowers are great at helping you effectively and efficiently mow areas of your golf course that are tougher to get to. They offer great maneuverability and handling to help you mow even the toughest of areas.

Fraise Mowers

Whether you need to renovate your turf surfaces or reduce the amount of thatch in a specific area, fraise mowers can help. Kenney offers used fraise mowers to help with any project that comes your way.

Reel Mowers

Reel mowers provide terrific cuts, while still maintaining a high level of productivity. Thanks to the mower’s vertical blades, reel mowers provide cuts that leave grass looking stronger and healthier than ever

Rotary Mowers

Often used in parks, school campuses, and more, rotary mowers provide high-quality cuts and impressive maneuverability. These systems are very dependable and durable, and are excellent at efficiently mowing large areas.

Professional Contractor Mowers

Commercial lawn mowers provide very effective cuts for professional contractors. Whether your company is in need of stand-on, walk-behind, or zero-turn lawn mowers, Kenney Machinery can provide you with the used mowers that you need.

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Financing Options for Used Mowers

When you decide to purchase a mower, we understand that the price can often seem daunting. That’s why we offer financing options to eligible customers on both new and used pieces of equipment. Learn more about our financing options here to decide if financing is right for your situation.

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