Rental Utility Vehicles

Benefits of Utility Vehicle Rentals

Here are some of the common reasons it makes sense to rent utility vehicles.

Your Equipment Breaks Down

Renting is a great option in case your current equipment breaks down and you’re waiting for a repair. If this is the case, Kenney can provide you with a rental utility vehicle to ensure there are no disruptions in workflow.

You’re Starting a Business

We understand that starting a business is a huge investment, and you may not yet have the financial resources to buy new or used equipment. In these cases, consider renting utility vehicles and other used equipment to lessen the financial burden while allowing your company to start on projects.

You Need a Piece of Equipment You Rarely Use

Why fork over big money on a new or used utility vehicle if you rarely use it? Renting can avoid the high costs of buying, repairing and maintaining the equipment.

Utility Vehicle Rentals from Kenney

Is Renting Equipment the Right Fit for Your Company?

As we mentioned, renting equipment such as utility vehicles can be a great fit for companies who need a piece of equipment in a pinch or for businesses who are just starting up and don’t have the financial resources to buy new or used equipment.

Kenney Machinery offers rental agreements that suit your business’ specific needs. Whether you need rental equipment for a day, a week, a month, or more, we have rental agreements with prices that are convenient to you. We offer rental equipment from Toro, CASE and Ventrac.

Kenney Is the Name to Trust for Utility Vehicle Rentals

Don’t let your construction or landscaping project come to a screeching halt with a broken-down piece of equipment. Contact the equipment specialists at Kenney Machinery today to discuss your rental options for used or new utility vehicles.


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