Toro Aerators

Why Toro Aerators?

Toro aerators are ideal for landscaping, property management, and turf care professionals who want exceptional results. While they might be too powerful for a regular home lawn, they shine in big aeration projects, making the work quicker and simpler. But keep in mind that aeration can help any lawn. If you need top-quality equipment, choose Toro for these benefits:

Easy, Effective Aeration

Toro aerators take the guesswork out of lawn aeration. Electronic depth control with supervisor maximum depth lockout is at your fingertips, ensuring even aeration every time. Plus, smart hour meters keep track of how long you’ve been using the machine and remind you when it’s due for maintenance so your aerator lasts for years to come.

Wide Aerating Width for Quick Coverage

Want to get more done in less time? Some models, like the Toro 30” Stand-On Aerator, have a wide 76.2 cm aerating path, allowing you to cover more ground quickly. These aerators also have a tight turning radius and can speed up during turns to boost your productivity even more.  

Comfortable Stand-On Design

Toro’s innovative stand-on design goes beyond just getting the job done. It’s built to prioritize comfort and reduce operator fatigue, as the floating platform isolates operators from harsh vibrations. Adding to this comfort are the completely revised controls. Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation, they minimize strain and allow you to tackle large properties without feeling worn out.

Complete Soil Health Boost

These machines aren’t just about ease of use. They also excel at improving your soil’s health. Toro aerators improve root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient uptake by breaking up compacted soil. The transformation is remarkable. You’ll see thicker, greener grass, fewer maintenance issues, and a property that stands out.

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Why Choose Kenney Machinery?

At Kenney Machinery, we believe creating a beautiful outdoor space shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why we offer Toro aerators and other products designed to deliver outstanding results. We go beyond just selling machines—we also partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s how Kenney Machinery and Toro can elevate your experience with commercial turf care equipment:

Unrivaled Knowledge and Guidance

Our team is a dedicated group of Toro aficionados. We proudly serve as your go-to experts who can answer any question, big or small. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll even phone Toro directly to get you the information you need. As an authorized Toro dealer, we ensure you have the best tools and knowledge to achieve outstanding results.  

Diverse Product Lineup

Kenney Machinery boasts an impressive lineup of outdoor power equipment catering to various turf care needs. We have high-performance greens mowers, efficient aerators, and everything in between. When you come to us, you always find the right Toro tools to maximize your productivity and client satisfaction.  

Immersive Training and Maintenance Services

Maybe you’re curious how your Toro aerator’s time activation lockout works. Or, you just need a quick rundown of the functions on your machines. Whatever the case, Kenney Machinery offers hands-on training and demonstrations to get you up to speed. Don’t have time for quick maintenance and repairs? We’re happy to take care of your equipment’s upkeep using genuine Toro parts.

Special Deals and Promotions

As a valued member of the Kenney Machinery family, you’re in for a treat. We believe in rewarding loyal customers with exclusive promotions and discounts on Toro products. These special deals are our way of adding extra value and savings to your investment.

Local Roots, Personal Touch

By choosing us as your Toro dealer, you gain a trusted advisor who’s invested in your long-term turf care success. Need to know about Toro’s convenient engine service and other common service components? Want to learn how walk-behind machines comply with ANSI safety standards? We’re here to help. Join our network of local lawn care enthusiasts and experience the Kenney Machinery difference.

Smart Financing Solutions

Dreaming of creating lush, vibrant landscapes but worried about the upfront cost? Kenney Machinery offers financing options on Toro products, allowing you to spread the cost over time. Ask us for the details.

Improve Your Turf With Kenney Machinery

Are you ready to achieve extraordinary turf care results? Contact us today or drop by our showroom to learn more about Toro aerators and other turf equipment.  


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