Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Signs That Hydraulic Cylinders Require Repairs


Some hydraulic cylinder leaks can be difficult to notice or locate, but knowing what to look for can help you get the issue fixed quicker. If operating costs are rising or you’re notice decreased performance, a leak could be present. Contact Kenney Machinery to inspect and repair your hydraulic cylinder to improve performance.


If left unrepaired, corrosion can lead to many issues, such as leaks or water entering the system’s internal barrel, among other things. At the first sight of any corrosion, be sure to contact Kenney Machinery for fast and effective repairs.

Loud Noises

Any loud noises from your hydraulic cylinder can indicate aeration within the system. Aeration causes a number of issues that can cause the equipment to break down quicker and lead to more expensive repairs. If left unresolved for too long, the hydraulic cylinder may need to be replaced completely.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs to Enhance Productivity

Over time, it’s natural for hydraulic cylinders to become less effective. Due to accumulated usage, your hydraulic cylinder is likely less effective today than it was when you first purchased the equipment. However, any existing issues beyond what occurs from normal usage require repairs in order to restore effectiveness and productivity.

Kenney Machinery understands that you need your equipment to be in the best possible condition in order to see high-quality results. We take pride in our hydraulic cylinder repair services, and we’ll always provide the time and attention to detail that you deserve in order to enhance your equipment’s productivity.

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The Benefits of Working With Kenney Machinery

Kenney Machinery is a company full of history. With roots dating back to before the turn of the 20th century, we’ve helped countless customers achieve exceptional results over the years. We’ve maintained relationships with companies at the top of their industries to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible products and services.

All of our hydraulic cylinder repair technicians are backed by years of training and experience to ensure that our customers will be completely satisfied with the services that we’ve provided. Here at Kenney Machinery, we believe that your overall satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We’ll always provide you with the respect and attention that you deserve.

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Contact Kenney Machinery for Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service

At the first sign of any hydraulic cylinder issues, be sure to contact our experienced team of repair technicians. We know that getting your hydraulic cylinder repaired as quickly as possible is important to keeping your productivity high. Rest assured that when you work with Kenney Machinery, your hydraulic cylinder will be repaired as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

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