Toro Construction Equipment Services

Toro construction equipment, like the Dingo and ProSneak Vibratory Plow, is built to be durable and withstand even the harshest conditions. With usage, however, your fleet of Toro construction machinery will eventually require routine maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance levels.

Kenney Machinery provides Toro construction equipment service to businesses throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Louisville, Evansville, Bowling Green, and the surrounding areas. Our complete services solutions help you keep your operations running smoothly. Schedule an appointment with our team today to keep your Toro construction equipment running safely and smoothly.

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A Toro construction equipment tune-up includes checking the engine’s air, renewing fuel filters, replacing spark plugs if necessary, inspecting and maintaining fluid levels, renewing oil filters, adjusting cables, tracks and other major components. The technicians at Kenney Machinery will also inspect the equipment’s belts, electrical system, and tires/tracks for any signs of wear or damage. If we discover any issues, we’ll recommend the proper service to minimize equipment downtime and help your equipment run at optimal performance levels.

Schedule your Toro construction equipment tune up with Kenney Machinery today. We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining your equipment’s safety and performance.

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Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential to the health of your Toro construction equipment. Old oil can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and other particles. Filters need to be replaced with your engine oil. No professional needs to be reminded that continuing to use your construction equipment while it contains old oil can damage the engine. Changing the oil regularly improves performance, keeps your engine clean and improves efficiently. 

How frequently you’ll need to change the equipment’s oil can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of equipment, operating conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. At Kenney Machinery, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil change intervals, as they are specific to each piece of equipment.

At Kenney Machinery, we offer a wide range of conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oils to suit the specific needs of your Toro construction equipment. When you choose Kenney Machinery, our experienced technicians will drain the old oil, replace the oil filter and renew your engine with new oil. Schedule oil change services with our team today.

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Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic systems are used in construction equipment to power the machinery’s movement as well as providing power to attachments and booms. Similar to engine oil, hydraulic oil needs to be renewed regularly to prevent issues and keep the equipment running smoothly.

Kenney Machinery offers hydraulic services that include checking the hydraulic fluid level, changing the hydraulic filter, and inspecting the hydraulic hoses for leaks. Providing your Toro construction equipment with hydraulic services can provide benefits including:

  • Reduced wear and tear on the system: Hydraulic oil lubricates the moving parts of the system and prevents them from overheating during extended periods of use. Over time, hydraulic oil can break down and become contaminated, which can lead to wear and tear on the system. Replacing hydraulic oil regularly can prevent unnecessary wear.
  • Improved equipment efficiency: Hydraulic oil helps transfer power throughout the system. As the equipment is used, hydraulic oil can become contaminated and lead to reduced system efficiency. Replacing the oil regularly can improve the system’s efficiency.
  • Extended system lifespan: Hydraulic oil can protect the system from corroding and rusting. When hydraulic oil becomes contaminated, it will need to be replaced in order to protect the system and prevent a breakdown.
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Track and Tire Repairs and Replacement

Tires can be damaged by sharp objects, rocks, tree roots, potholes, and other hazards you might encounter while using your construction equipment. Providing your Toro construction equipment with regular inspections can help you catch problems with your tires before they become major issues.

If a track or tire on your machinery is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Driving on a damaged tire can be dangerous, both to the user and the equipment itself. Kenney Machinery provides replacement tires that are specifically designed for construction equipment from Toro.

Minor punctures that are slowly leaking air can likely be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage, opting to repair the tire can save you money in the long run. A technician from Kenney Machinery can inspect the damage and provide you with honest, trustworthy advice on whether a repair or replacement is the right choice for your circumstances. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our factory-trained technicians.

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Issues with your Toro construction equipment can cause extended periods of downtime, resulting in lost productivity, missed deadlines, and increased costs for your business. It’s important to address any problems with your Toro equipment as soon as possible to minimize negative effects and keep your operations running smoothly. Kenney Machinery provides Toro construction equipment repair services throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky to get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Our team can repair any construction issues from simple repairs to complex system rebuilds. Contact us for repair services including:

  • Engine problems: If your Toro construction equipment is experiencing issues with starting, running for prolonged periods, or appears to have reduced power output, our team can diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Hydraulic system failures: Leaks, malfunctions, and other problems with your Toro construction equipment’s hydraulic system can lead to poor performance and serious damage to the equipment itself. Our technicians can quickly identify and fix any hydraulic issues to get your equipment back on the job site — fast.
  • Electrical system issues: If your Toro’s lights, switches, or other electrical components are malfunctioning, our team can troubleshoot and repair the problem to prevent downtime.
  • Wear and tear: As with any heavy equipment, regular use can cause parts to wear down and require replacements. Our team can replace worn parts and perform routine maintenance to keep your equipment running well all season long.
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With on-site Toro construction equipment repair services, you’ll receive access to the same high-quality repairs and maintenance that you would get at our facility, but with the added convenience of having it done at your job site. Our experienced technicians will come equipped with the necessary tools and parts to diagnose and fix any issues on the spot. This means less downtime for your business and more time spent getting the job done.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Louisville, Evansville, Bowling Green, and the surrounding areas.

Service Agreements from Kenney Machinery

Enrolling in a service agreement with Kenney Machinery is the best way to ensure your Toro construction equipment receives the maintenance it needs, when it needs it. Our team of experienced technicians are expertly trained to inspect, diagnose, repair, and maintain Toro brand equipment. Contact us today to learn more or to enroll in the service agreement plan that works best for you.

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Choose Kenney Machinery for Toro Construction Equipment Services in Indiana and Western Kentucky

At Kenney Machinery, we provide all the services necessary to keep your Toro construction equipment running smoothly all year round. From oil changes to hydraulic repairs and everything in between, Kenney Machinery is proud to be a Toro authorized dealer for construction and turf equipment. We can help with any problems your equipment might experience. Contact us today to schedule service.

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