What Do You Get With Irrigation Solutions From Kenney Machinery?

When you work with Kenney Machinery for your irrigation solutions, you’ll receive access to equipment and benefits such as:

  • Water conservation. With the right irrigation solutions in place, you won’t need to constantly use your sprinkler system. Instead, you can use it strategically to provide your turf with water during the best times of the day. Additionally, you can ensure that any areas that may require extra watering are properly watered.
  • Weather stations. With weather stations, you’re always receiving up-to-date information on outdoor temperatures and humidity levels. This allows you to control your irrigation systems as you see fit. Make any necessary adjustments to get the most out of your irrigation system.
  • Central control. Central control systems make it easier than ever to manage and control your overall water usage and distribution. Schedule and monitor your irrigation system whenever you need by adding central control solutions to your irrigation strategy.
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Help Your Grounds Stand Out With Irrigation Solutions

While you might already have existing systems in place, they may not be meeting your irrigation needs. Maybe they’re overwatering certain areas of your turf, while they’re not even able to reach other areas.

Providing your grounds with access to water is key to promoting sustained growth and keeping your turf or grass healthy. When you decide to work with Kenney Machinery, we’ll always provide you with the best products and equipment available to achieve maximum performance.

We will discuss your needs with you in great detail to ensure that we fully understand your current situation. From there, we can develop a plan designed around creating solid irrigation strategies. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.

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We’re proud to provide businesses and organizations in Central Indiana and beyond with access to the best irrigation equipment in the industry. To get started, or to learn more about the products and services that we offer, get in contact with us today.

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