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How Often Do Reel Blades Need Grinding?

Ultimately, how often you’ll need to sharpen your reel mower blades will depend on how frequently you use the mower. Typically, you should expect to sharpen your blades after about 20-25 hours of usage.

However, when the time comes to sharpen your blades, you might also notice a decrease in the overall effectiveness of the mower. If it’s taking longer than usual to finish mowing an area, or you’re noticing uneven turf heights right after cutting the area, you likely need to sharpen the reel mower blades.

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Benefits of Reel Grinding Services

Sharper Reel Blades

It’s no secret that sharper blades produce higher-quality cuts. Having your reel blades sharpened regularly will help you get through your mowing jobs quicker and more effectively. With sharper blades, you’ll have no trouble efficiently getting through even the thickest of turf.


Healthier Grass and Turf

Reel mower blades will, over time, become dull with continued use. Dull blades can result in poor quality of cut which can cause increased disease pressure on the grass. Regularly sharpening your blades will improve the quality of cut and help your areas remain healthy and well-maintained.

Additionally, you’ll be able to shorten the time that it takes to finish mowing the area. The less time that it takes to mow your turf, the more you’ll save on gas for your equipment.


Less Stress on Mower

Dull blades do not cut nearly as efficiently as sharp blades. As a result, it will likely take longer to finish mowing an area than it might if your blades were regularly sharpened. As you take longer to finish mowing an area, you’re putting more stress on your mower, time after time. Additional stress can cause you to replace the mower sooner than you otherwise would need to.

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