Toro Dingo

Features of the Toro Dingo

Unleashing a new era of productivity, Toro Dingo compact utility loaders stand out with a host of cutting-edge features. 

Compact Design

The Toro Dingo’s compact design is a game-changer, allowing easy maneuverability in tight spaces. These easy-to-transport utility loaders excel in navigating through challenging terrain, providing access to areas that larger machinery simply cannot reach.

Array of Attachments

Equipped with a range of attachments, Toro Dingos adapt to diverse applications effortlessly. From digging and trenching to hauling and lifting, its versatility makes it an invaluable asset for landscaping, construction, and agricultural projects, allowing you to do multiple tasks with just one piece of equipment.

Wheeled or Tracked Models

Toro Dingo sets the industry standard by offering versatility in design, allowing you to choose between wheeled or tracked configurations. The wheeled models provide excellent maneuverability, making them ideal for projects with flat or paved surfaces, while the tracked designs excel in challenging terrains, offering enhanced traction and stability.

Multiple Fuel Options

Toro Dingo products include a range of fuel options, allowing users to select from gas, diesel, or electric models based on their preferences and project requirements. The gas-powered models deliver a convenient and efficient solution for various applications, while the diesel options provide robust performance and durability for heavy-duty tasks. For those prioritizing environmental sustainability, Toro Dingo’s electric models represent a clean and green alternative without sacrificing power.

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Benefits of the Toro Dingo

Time Efficiency

The Toro Dingo’s agility and speed translate to time savings on every job. Its quick maneuverability, coupled with efficient attachment changes, allows operators to complete tasks in record time, boosting overall project efficiency.

Cost-Effective Operation

Save on labor costs and fuel expenses with Toro Dingo’s compact design. Its efficiency in confined spaces means fewer workers are needed, and its fuel-efficient engine ensures economical operation, making it a cost-effective choice for any project.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The eDingo 500, Toro Dingo’s electric model, takes sustainability to the forefront. With zero emissions and reduced noise levels, it’s an eco-friendly solution that meets the demands of environmentally conscious projects without compromising power.

Operator Comfort

Long hours on the job become more bearable with Toro Dingo’s ergonomic design. Comfortable seating, easy-to-reach controls, and reduced vibration contribute to a less fatiguing experience for operators, promoting productivity and well-being.

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Why Choose Kenney Machinery?

When you choose Kenney Machinery for your Toro Dingo needs, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your success.


With years of industry experience, our team understands the unique demands of your projects and can provide expert guidance on selecting the right Toro Dingo model and attachments.

Service and Support 

Kenney Machinery is committed to keeping your equipment running smoothly. Our service and support teams are responsive, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Authorized Toro Dealer

As an authorized Toro dealer, Kenney Machinery brings you genuine Toro equipment and parts. From the latest Toro Dingo models to a wide range of attachments, our comprehensive inventory ensures you have access to the equipment you need to get the job done efficiently.

Flexible Financing Options

Kenney Machinery goes beyond providing top-tier equipment; we offer flexible financing options to ensure that acquiring Toro Dingo products aligns seamlessly with your budgetary needs. Our commitment to your success extends to providing financial solutions that make these cutting-edge machines accessible for a wide range of projects and businesses.

Elevate your projects with the unmatched performance and reliability of Toro Dingo, available through Kenney Machinery. Contact us today and experience the difference of cutting-edge equipment designed to redefine efficiency and productivity in landscaping and construction.

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