Peace of Mind Blueprint

Relaxing golfer

The Peace of Mind Blueprint™ is a set of five tools that are intended to be utilized in the planning stage of the Count On It Method.

The tools include:

  • Strategic Vision Clarifier
  • Strategic Vision Builder
  • Four Stages Filter
  • Instant Replay
  • The Peace of Mind Action Plan


Strategic Vision Clarifier

The Strategic Vision Clarifier is a tool designed to paint a picture of a future moment in time, and then thinking strategically about how to get there. Once a picture is painted, a S_T_O_P_ analysis is conducted to Identify strengths that can be leveraged, threats that should be confronted and/ or avoided, opportunities that can be exploited, and then prioritize each of these areas.


Strategic Vision Builder

The Strategic Vision Builder is the starting point for developing your strategy. This tool starts with identifying issues and then clarifying what a positive outcome would be. From there, obstacles to success can be converted into strategic steps that all lead to a plan for the future.

This tool is intended to be used in conjunction with the Strategic Vision Clarifier.


The Four Stages Filter

The four stages filter is meant to quickly identify what’s working and what’s not working with the current system for managing maintenance assets. This exercise will help to quickly identify areas of opportunity for creating turf management peace of mind.


Instant Replay

The Instant Replay is designed to help think through past experiences and design a “new play” for future success based on what has been learned.


Peace of Mind Action Plan

Finally the Peace of Mind Action Plan is designed to create a game plan from the outcome of all the other tools. It is a plan that involves your KMC Account Manager, where appropriate, and holds everyone accountable to action steps, and target results.

Not every tool will fit every situation. However, the clarity that will come from participating in this process will help set the stage for a more effective fleet analysis using the additional tools we have developed for the planning stage.