Turf Management Solutions in Evansville, Indiana

Turf Equipment

We know that our customers don’t compromise on quality when it comes to purchasing or renting turf equipment, which is why Kenney Machinery works with some of the best turf management equipment providers in the industry.

Kenney Machinery offers turf equipment from Toro including utility vehicles, mowers, trimmers, application equipment, and more. Toro is known around the world for manufacturing powerful and high-quality turf equipment that is built to withstand the test of time. When you choose Toro turf equipment products, you can rest assured that you’re receiving equipment from an industry leader.

Kenney also provides Ventrac tractors that can provide turf maintenance solutions. Ventrac’s line of tractors offers unmatched stability and control to navigate around including golf courses, universities, parks and more. With over 30 additional attachments available, you’re sure to find the right equipment for the job when you choose Ventrac products.

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Construction Equipment

Construction sites depend on the latest and greatest in construction equipment to thoroughly and effectively complete a job. Rest assured that when you work with Kenney Machinery, we’ll connect your business with products from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Kenney offers excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and more from CASE. They are widely regarded for manufacturing strong and durable equipment that increases the overall efficiency of a construction site.

Additionally, Toro also offers construction equipment that can meet the demands of your construction site. With equipment available such as the Toro Dingo and the Toro ProSneak Vibratory Plow, construction equipment from Toro is capable of tackling nearly any job that they may encounter.

Tractors from Ventrac can also be used in a construction environment to easily navigate from one area to another. Kenney Machinery also offers additional accessories, such as trencher or stump grinder attachments, that can help any construction site operate more effectively.

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Rent or Purchase Equipment

Depending on your needs and the equipment that you already own, you might find that it’s better to either rent or purchase your equipment.

It’s better to rent equipment when you only temporarily need a piece of equipment. Here at Kenney Machinery, we understand that a construction or turf maintenance project can change at seemingly any moment. If you need a piece of equipment to complete a job, but you’ll likely not need the equipment again in the future, choosing to rent equipment from Kenney Machinery can be the more cost-effective solution.

However, if a job calls for a new piece of equipment that you’ll likely need in other jobs down the road, purchasing the equipment will likely be the better choice. When the time comes to purchase turf management or construction equipment, Kenney Machinery offers both new and used equipment. Give us a call to discuss the benefits of each and to help decide which is best for your Evansville, IN area company.

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