Five Kenney Machinery Partners You Might Not Be Aware Of

For nearly 70 years, Kenney Machinery has been a distributor for the Toro Company in a territory that includes Indiana and parts of neighboring states.

We’re widely known in that capacity throughout the region, and are recognized as the Gold Standard in the area when it comes to sourcing and maintaining Toro products, including turf equipment, irrigation equipment, and construction equipment.

Naturally, much of our marketing materials and educational content focus on those Toro products.  However, what many of our own customers don’t even realize is that Kenney Machinery also sells a variety of complimentary products from other manufacturers.

We’ve highlighted some of those products on this blog before, such as the NuTone Haven mosquito control lighting and the PrimeTurf water treatment products.  Now we’d like to highlight five more best-in-class companies that we’ve partnered with in order to allow you to get just about all the turf equipment you’ll need under one roof.

1st Products

1st Products LogoFirst Products is a leading manufacturer of turf seeding equipment, including the AERA-Vator and  Verti-Cutter.  Many of their products are designed to work with Toro equipment, such as the Groundsmaster 360.

Since their founding in 1980, 1st Products has gained a solid reputation for producing efficient, reliable equipment that stands the test of time.  They also stand behind their products with excellent support, and for those reasons they’ve earned the honor of being a Kenney Machinery partner.

Lely Products

Lely LogoLely is a Netherlands-based company that produces a variety of products to help make farmer’s lives easier.  Some of those products include broadcast spreaders and weeders/thatchers, which are also helpful for turf professionals.

Although Lely hasn’t been around quite as long as Kenney Machinery (at over 100 years old, not too many companies have)–but they do have their own long and storied history.  Since their founding in 1948, they have invented over 1,600 patent-protected products and developed a world-wide customer base.  They devote a full six percent of revenue to product development, so you know that when they put a product on the market, it will be a good one.

Click here to learn more about Lely’s turf equipment products, or watch the video demo below.

Ryan Turf Equipment

Ryan LogoRyan Turf Equipment is a manufacturer of specialty turf products, especially those focused around renovation.  Their products include full lines of sod cutters, aerators, dethatchers, overseeders and other specialty products.

Ryan has been in business for over 70 years, and all their products are made in the USA.  Their tow-behind aerators and heavy-duty sod cutters would be of special interest to Kenney Machinery’s customers.

Spectrum Technologies

Spectrum TechnologiesThe key to successful turf management is good data, and for over 30 years Spectrum Technologies has been leading the way in weather monitoring, nutrient management, and soil and water analysis products.

Whether you are trying to analyze the micro-climates that exist on a large property, determine how often to apply fertilizer, or monitor the health of your turf, Spectrum has the tools you need to do it.  Click here for their current year’s catalog of products.

Rahn Groomers

Rahn LogoFor Kenney Machinery’s sports turf customers, sometimes the best products for a specific tasked are made by companies that focus on those products, and those products only.  That’s what Rahn Industries has done with their GL650 infield groomer for baseball fields.

The groomer provides maximum safety conditions on any playing field along with minimum maintenance time, and can be pulled behind Toro UTVs like the Workman GTXClick here for more information on the groomer’s compatibility with Toro products.