Toro Workman Utility Vehicles

Toro Workman UTVs are some of the most versatile, comfortable, and cost-effective utility vehicles on the market. With over 40 different accessories and configurations and both gas and electric versions available, they can easily be adapted for the specific needs of any industry, including golf, construction, sports fields and grounds, or municipalities. When it comes to personal vehicles, is the place to go.

There are three lines of Toro Workman UTVs, with multiple models available in each line:

  • Workman GTX utility vehicles is a crossover vehicle designed for both turf and grounds maintenance (hence the GTX designation).
  • The Workman HD series (the HD stands for Heavy-Duty) is designed to haul up to 3,352 lbs., making it ideal for larger jobs.
  • The Workman MDX series of vehicles are great all-around performers designed for comfort and versatility, with a long list of accessories and attachments

No matter what you need in a utility vehicle, you’ll get it with a Toro Workman UTV! If you’re looking to lease a van or pickup for your business needs, consider using a company like Intelligent Van Leasing in the UK.

Toro Workman GTX Utility Vehicles

The Workman GTX has better steering, improved braking and suspension systems, and more power than just about any comparable other utility vehicle. Whether you’re hauling materials across campus or carrying people across a job site, the GTX is your best option to do the job.

Toro Workman Utility Vehicle

The Toro Workman GTX comes in either a gas or electric model:

  • The electric version of the Workman GTX has an on-board charger that results in less maintenance and better efficiency. Maintaining the battery is easy with water level indicators and a single point watering system.
  • The gas version of the GTX has a 429 cc, single-cylinder Kohler® gas engine for an improved power-to-weight ratio.

True to its crossover designation, the Workman GTX is truly built to handle any type of terrain. All four wheels have coil-over shocks that result in a smoother ride, and its gimble joint and split frame help keep those wheels safely in contact with the ground.

Other highlights of the Workman GTX include:

  • A “L-track” or logistic track tie-down system for securing cargo
  • A bed-mounted racking system that saves space
  • Bench and bucket seating configurations available for either two or four people
  • Attachments such as hose reels and trash can holders can be mounted to either the front or rear of the vehicle
  • A custom canopy that keeps operators dry and out of the sun, and a roll-over certified cab that can keep them warm in the winter

The Toro Workman HD UTV series

Toro Workman HD UTVThere simply isn’t a utility vehicle on the market today that gives you more versatility, hauling capacity, and overall better return for your investment than the Toro Heavy-Duty Workman. The bed hauls up to 3,352 lbs., and the fuel-injected engine means that you’ll use less gasoline to haul those pounds. In fact, the Workman HD has a 15-20% increase in fuel economy over other UTVs.

Best of all, the HDX Auto model has an automatic transmission, meaning you won’t have to worry about training operators to drive a manual transmission utility vehicle. Along with the instant cold weather starting and smooth throttle response, this is truly a operator-friendly UTV.

Top features of the Workman HD UTVs include:

  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for improved safety and stopping power
  • An independent front suspension that gives the operator a much smoother ride
  • Toro’s proprietary speed control that helps operators maintain a consistent speed over varying terrain, helping keep application rates constant when topdressing or spraying
  • A wide variety of attachments and accessories including aerial lifts, Boss snow plows, groomers, spreaders, and sprayers
  • A deluxe hard cab to keep operators warm and dry in all weather conditions

There are four versions of the Workman HD-the HDX Auto, the HDX/HDX-4WD, the HDX-D/HDX-D-4WD, and the HD. The main differences between the various models is the type of engine and transmission, and the total carrying and cargo capacity.

The Toro Workman MDX UTV series

Toro Workman MD UTVThe Workman MDX utility vehicles are a great combination of productivity and comfort, thanks to the SRQ (Superior Ride Quality) suspension system. With a large towing capacity (up to 1,200 lbs) and payload capacity (up to 1,250 lbs), and many available attachments and accessories, these vehicles are a great all-around workhorse for any industry.

The Workman MDX series vehicles use a proprietary Active-in-Frame suspension that helps keep all four wheels on the ground over undulating terrain. When combined with the SRQ system, the result is a much smoother ride that translates into lower operator fatigue and better productivity.

There are three versions of the Workman MDX currently in production:

  • The MDX model featuring a Briggs and Stratton 480 cc gas engine
  • The MDX-D model, featuring a diesel engine that offers 20% more power and 30% more torque
  • The MDE model features a DC electric motor

There’s also a basic Toro Workman MD model featuring a Yamaha 357 cc gas engine which is no longer in production but is still in wide use.

There are numerous attachments and accessories available for the Workman MD UTVs, including hard cabs, electric bed lifts, snow plows, groomers, blowers, and canopy tops. You can even get the deluxe refreshment center to turn your UTV into a portable revenue generator!

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