Toro Blades: Extraordinary Blades for an Extraordinary Machine

Toro Blades

You may think that mower blades are basically interchangeable and that any blade sized correctly will do an adequate job when mounted on your Toro mower. However, this is not true at all, and in fact, using any other manufacturer’s blades on a Toro machine might very well cause undue wear on your mower, shortening its life expectancy.

In addition, you will almost certainly experience a reduction in performance from your Toro machine, because genuine Toro parts, including mower blades, are always manufactured according to strict specifications, and designed to work optimally with the appropriate Toro turf equipment. The only way to ensure that your Toro machine works at its highest level of performance for as long as possible is to provide the system with Toro mower blades.

To understand exactly why only Toro blades should be used on Toro mowers, continue reading and see just what a significant difference it makes.

The Design Process for Toro Blades

Toro blades are designed with different cutting abilities because there are different intentions behind each blade, and these blades are mounted on the kind of mower decks which facilitate the intended cutting action. 

Each blade will have sharpened edges on both ends and a curved upsail area that generates airflow for the purpose of whipping grass blades upright. This exposes them to the cutting edges on the blades.

For instance, a low sail design will have a corresponding low noise level, with lower power consumption, and a reduced discharge velocity for grass clippings, while a high sail design provides the optimum cut quality for most grass conditions. The Toro blades themselves are engineered very precisely to be perfectly compatible with the cutting unit, whereas generic blades made by other companies are designed and manufactured with no specific cutting deck in mind.

Toro Quality Testing

All genuine Toro parts are factory-tested to ensure that they pass Toro’s rigorous standards for quality and performance before they are ever offered for sale to the public. Before genuine Toro blades are shipped to a vendor, each one will have been tested for the hardness and strength of the blade, the highest quality cut, the dispersion of grass clippings from the lawnmower deck, the efficient expulsion of cut grass, and the projected life expectancy of the blade itself. Quality goes in before the blade goes out.

Toro Service

Besides the guarantee of the highest quality parts from Toro, there are additional reasons why you should only purchase replacement blades directly from Toro. The parts you need are available at Toro distributors, like Kenney Machinery, when you need them because Toro leads the industry in fill rates, ensuring that local distributors always have the necessary parts in stock. On rare occasions where your vendor is out of stock, Toro will resupply your vendor within 48 hours.

When you buy Toro replacement blades, you can be sure that they are OEM-quality, i.e. the exact same parts used in the original manufacture of the mower unit you purchased. Toro also has the best customer service team in the business, constantly ready to support your parts needs at any location in the country. The team at Toro is always happy to help and provide the parts that you need to effectively and efficiently complete your projects.

Finally, when you buy genuine Toro replacement blades, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you bought the best, and that it’s 100% compatible with your mower.

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