Five Reasons to use Toro myTurf Pro Fleet Management Software

Toro MyTurf Fleet Management

Does your company have stacks of thick binders for every model and machine in your fleet? How about antiquated spreadsheets to keep track of hours, parts and maintenance costs? These fleet management tools are cumbersome and inefficient at best. Fortunately, the Toro myTurf Pro fleet management software provides a better solution if you care about your fleet, your staff’s welfare and its maintenance. Here are five benefits of enrolling in the Toro myTurf Pro management system for your business.

1. Track Operating Hours

Tracking operating hours on every piece of equipment in your fleet probably takes hours of transposing figures each week. Toro’s myTurf Pro system allows you to ditch the white boards, tags and clipboards in favor of a wireless system that does all of this work in the background. The wireless hour meter is simple to install and will automatically transmit the current operating hours. Once installed, the system will transmit operating hour data when it is within 250 feet of the base station with a clear line of sight. The system also works with non-Toro equipment as long as there is 12 VDC (voltage direct current) power available. All of this information can then be viewed on the myTurf Pro electronic white board with just the click of a mouse.

2. Order Parts Online Easily

Toro’s myTurf Pro software allows you to order Toro Genuine Parts online for any piece of equipment in your fleet, directly from your Toro distributor. You’ll no longer have to wait for business hours to arrive or look up part numbers in a catalog. Ordering can take place 24 hours a day, and the interactive function in the system allows you to find and order parts by viewing diagrams and clicking on the desired item. The system will tell you both the cost of the part and its availability when you place your order. You can also save frequently ordered parts for quick reordering in the future. If purchases need to be internally approved, you can email a shopping list to a manager or easily pull up your order history.

3. Create and Manage Work Orders Efficiently

Whether your equipment fleet is large or small, having machinery out of service for maintenance or repairs is costly. Toro understands this and has addressed these concerns with its myTurf Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tools within the myTurf Pro system. The ability to track and manage work orders is one of the functions that is provided, and it makes this task easier than ever. Work orders can be generated with the click of a button for such things as maintenance tasks, parts ordering, assigning technicians to jobs and inventory control. The system allows you to open, close and print work orders as needed.

4. Track Maintenance Costs

One objective of an effective fleet management system is to maximize the return on a company’s equipment. This means that equipment needs to be properly maintained and replaced when necessary to provide the best value to the company. The myTurf system allows you to follow maintenance costs on each piece of equipment, run reports on the TCO for that machine and justify replacement decisions when the time is right. For your fleet as a whole, you can review reports of costs by type and compare those costs to prior periods to track improvement.

5. Track Equipment

Keeping tabs of equipment in a fleet can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Many trucking companies use VisTracks ELD devices as they record driving hours, which keeps drivers safe by knowing when they need a break. When there is equipment out for maintenance, or repairs or equipment shared between departments, this becomes nearly a full-time job. The myTurf Pro system allows you to organize your equipment in whatever manner makes the most sense, even dividing up the fleet into subfleets. You can also sort your equipment by category, such as make and model, or by the machinery that is a Toro brand versus non-Toro equipment. With this flexible equipment tracking function, you can print out your fleet asset report at any time and find out any information about a particular piece of Toro equipment with the click of a button.

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