Synthetic Turf Products

Synthetic Turf Grooming, Cleaning and De-Compacting Products

FieldCleanTM 580

Regular cleaning of synthetic turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces draining properly, in optimal playing condition and maximize their useful life. The Bullseye FieldClean 580 utilizes a row of spring tines that first loosen infill materials, embedded debris, hair and other fine materials up to a depth of 1” (2.5 cm). A highly effective, counter-rotating synthetic brush then lifts the debris and top layer of infill material from the turf and onto the adjustable angle vibrating sieve, allowing infill material to return to the field surface while debris, dust and hair are collected. The rear brush re-incorporates the infill material and leaves a freshly groomed surface.

QuickGroomTM 550

The Bullseye QuickGroom 550 is a towable grooming machine designed to work on both natural and synthetic turf. Its two round counter-rotating brushes effectively brush topdressing into aera- tion holes or redistribute infill on a synthetic turf field. The QuickGroom 550 will also restore fibers in synthetic fields that have become compacted over time, and is an excellent tool for standing up matted turf on a golf green to help provide a more consistent cut – resulting in a superior putting surface. This simple device can be towed by any utility vehicle, has quick and easy adjustments, and has its drive components protected inside the durable frame.

FieldSweepTM 660

The Bullseye FieldSweep 660 is a ground-driven surface debris removal and grooming tool designed primarily for synthetic turf fields. The counter rotating paddle style brushes on the FieldSweep 660 lift surface debris and infill material to be separated on the shaking sieve. The infill is returned to the surface and brushed in while the unwanted debris continues across the sieve to the easily removable collection bins on the rear of the unit. The tine section aids in decompaction while the rear brush grooms the field surface to leave a clean, smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. Optional accessories allow customization for different types of infill material and any tow vehicle.

FieldComboTM 770

To brush, loosen and decompact the hardest infill, the Bullseye FieldCombo 770 is equipped with a variety of customizable tools to meet your needs. Two rows of steel spring tines gently lift and break up compacted areas while effectively mixing and softening any infill material. Used separately with spring tines raised, or in combination, the rear poly-brushes straighten and lift the turf fibers leaving them plush and upright for an improved playing surface and an exceptional field appearance. An optional magnet adds to its functionality and quickly installed drawbar kit allows even more tow vehicle options.

FieldFillTM 660

The Bullseye FieldFill 660 is designed to quickly work even the heaviest amounts of infill materials into the field surface. It can also be used to lightly decompact existing infill material and rejuvenate and groom an older synthetic turf sports field. The 660 is equipped with five hydraulically- powered and adjustable speed rotating brushes which loosen, decompact, and incorporate infill. The two straight brushes serve to smooth the infill and groom the surface for great results in a single pass. Based on operating speed and working width, this machine is highly-productive – helping to get your job completed quickly.

QuickGroomTM 700

For brushing and striping of natural turf, nothing beats the proven Bullseye QuickGroom 700. The highly-effective triangular arrangement of the brushes will redistribute topdressing material side to side while standing up and grooming each grass blade for an attractive finish. Long-wearing poly-bristles quickly and efficiently brush topdressing to an even and level finish.

QuickGroomTM 710

The Bullseye QuickGroom 710 is designed to groom, and evenly incorporate topdressing and infill materials on natural or synthetic turf quickly and efficiently. The combination of angled and straight brushes both move materials side to side and leave a smooth, finished surface. Optional adjustable depth spring tines can be used to lightly de-thatch natural grass or de-compact synthetic turf and the optional magnet will help remove magnetic objects from your playing surface. Manually folding side wings can be added, converting the groomer to over 13’ (4 meters) wide, increasing productivity for large turf areas such as fairways or football fields.

FieldMagnetTM 600

The Bullseye FieldMagnet 600 is a heavy-duty magnetic sweeper that is designed with a robust inner-steel structure providing durability and also attaining the highest power available from this type of tow-behind magnet. The FieldMagnet is manufactured using high-grade, ceramic-8A magnet material for long-lasting, superior performance. Features include heavy-duty grooved tires, permanently lubricated wheel bearings, a 48” (122 cm) tow-bar, and quick-clean trays. Our exclusive magnetic circuitry has exceptional power, and this machine has an extremely durable aluminum outerhousing designed for years of use.