Employee Spotlight: Kenney Corporation Presents Check to Chad Tough Foundation

Chad Tough Foundation Check Presentation

Thanks to robust sales of a custom ice melt product over the past 12 months, Kenney Corporation was recently able to donate $5,310 to the Chad Tough Foundation, an organization that funds research and raises awareness for Pediatric Brain Tumors with an emphasis on Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

The product, called the TOUGHEST Ice Melter, was developed last year in partnership with the foundation and the Jackson, WI-based manufacturer Spring Valley as a fundraiser.  Kenney Corporation pledged to donate fifty cents to the foundation for every bag of the ice melter sold, and their recent donation was possible thanks to the sale of over 10,000 bags since the product was introduced last fall.

Traveling to Saline, Michigan to present the check to the Chad Tough Foundation were Kenney Corporation Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin Koss and Spring Valley National Sales Director Larry Vogel.

The President of the Chad Tough Foundation, Jason Carr, accepted the check on behalf of the foundation.  It was the death of Jason’s son Chad in 2015 from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an almost-always terminal form of brain cancer affecting children, which led to the creation of the foundation.

“We’re truly grateful and honored that you chose to support us,” said Carr.  “The need for funding for pediatric cancer research is huge, and since government funding for this is often not available, efforts like this are very important.”  He said that family foundations like the Chad Tough Foundation, formed by those who have lost a child to cancer, are often able to band together to apply for grants that otherwise would not be available to them.   Much of the funding for those family foundations comes from local communities, thanks to efforts like the one led by the Kenney Corporation.

That effort will be continuing this fall with continued sales of the TOUGHEST Ice Melter.  Koss hopes that as contractors and retailers in the area begin stocking up on ice melt products in preparation for the coming winter, they will consider purchasing their private-label product as a way of helping the foundation.

“My hope is that next year I’ll be standing here with a check for two or three times this amount”, said Koss as he presented this year’s donation to Jason Carr.  “Not only do sales of this product help benefit a great cause, it is also just a good product compared to other ice melters.”

Indeed, the TOUGHEST Ice Melter does compare well to similar products.  It’s over three times more effective than other leading brands of ice melt at temperatures below 10° F, and unlike rock salt it won’t harm grass and shrubs. Plus, it won’t leave a greasy residue on floors like other brands.

Currently, the TOUGHEST Ice Melter is available in bulk to commercial customers, who can order the product through Kenney Outdoor Solutions. It’s also available to consumers at a limited number of retail locations throughout the Midwest.