Meet Brad Turnbow, Customer Care Manager at Kenney Machinery

Brad TurnbowAs part of our mission to maintain our reputation as the gold standard in the professional turf equipment industry in our region, Kenney Machinery has recently hired a new Customer Care Manager.

His name is Brad Turnbow, and his duties will include supervising the parts and services department, responding to web inquiries from customers, and following up with customers whenever a problem occurs to make sure it was handled to their satisfaction.

Since just about all of our customers will have some interaction with Brad at some point, we thought we’d introduce him to you via an interview with the Kenney Machinery blogging staff.

Here’s what Brad had to say in response to our questions:

Tell us a little bit about your professional background:

I started out in sales and customer service with selling electrical supplies, and then transitioned over into logistics—trucking companies, third party brokerages, etc.  I also had a short stint in the healthcare field, but through it all I have always been on the customer service side of things.

Why did you apply for a job as Customer Care Manager at Kenney Machinery?

There were two things that were very attractive to me about Kenney Machinery.  First, the more I learned about the company the more I discovered that it’s very culture driven, which is very important to me. 

Second, I liked the idea of going into a newly created position and helping a company really improve their customer experience.  It sounded like a challenge that I would enjoy, and that would help me put my years of experience in this area to good use. 

What will some of your responsibilities be as Customer Care Manager?

My main ongoing responsibilities will be to supervise the parts and service departments and any of the operations people who are involved with the customer—basically, any areas that have to do with the customer other than the sales team will report to me.  Of course, I will be working closely with the sales team to ensure that all our efforts are coordinated and that any feedback provided to the sales team by customers gets passed along to the relevant people.

In addition to the ongoing responsibilities, I’ll also be working on several initial projects to improve the customer experience at Kenney Machinery, such as revamping the phone system and improving internal communication between various departments.

As we make changes I will follow up and touch base with the customers to find out if they are happy with the way things have been going after the next two or three months, or if they have any guidance for me.  I’ll be visiting some customers in person and riding with the sales reps as they visit customers as well. 

Is there anything about your previous positions that you feel has prepared you well for this role? 

When I worked for the electrical supply company, I managed the warehouse and oversaw the logistics of that operation, including shipping and receiving, the delivery schedule to customers, etc.  And in general, the various positions I’ve had over the years have required me to wear many different hats, so just about everything that I’ve encountered so far in my new position is something that I’ve already encountered in a previous job.  All in all, I feel very well prepared for this role.

What is your favorite part of the job so far?

I think that initially, my favorite part of the job has been working on improving the phone system at Kenney Machinery so that it’s easier for customers to quickly get in touch with the person who can help best help them.  We’ll be rolling out some changes to the system in the near future as a result of that work.

 I’m also excited about the ways we’re re-aligning the roles of some people so that they make more sense from a customer service standpoint. 

In the long term, I think my favorite thing is going to be watching the customer satisfaction scores increase on the various channels where we track those metrics.  I think it will be very satisfying to see the results of our efforts reflected in those scores.

Are there any personal details you’d like to share with Kenney Machinery’s customers?

I have two kids, a 16-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl.  I play in several bands—guitar and drums–and I also do a solo acoustic show.  I love the outdoors and spend as much time outside as I can, so I’m also excited that my new job will allow me to occasionally get out of the office to visit customers at their facilities. 

Thanks to Brad for taking the time to speak with our blogging staff about his exciting new role with our company!

This will be the first of a new series of employee spotlight articles that will be featured on our blog in order to help you get to know our team even better, so stay tuned for the next entry in the series.