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Kenney Machinery is a reputable sales and service center for all of your Bowling Green Toro Turf equipment needs. Whether you are looking to invest in a new piece of equipment or just need help with a Toro product you already own, we are here to help you out with whatever you need. We service all of Kentucky and are always happy to see our customers stop by one of our locations for assistance.

Toro Turf Equipment Replacement Parts, Service, and Information

In the areas around Bowling Green, Kentucky, there are plenty of sports fields, golf courses, and other properties that rely heavily on Toro equipment for mowing and landscaping. If you happen to be the owner of a Toro product, you can stop by and see us for all of your parts and service needs. Some of the service offerings you can get at Kenney Machinery include:

• replacement parts for your Toro Turf equipment
• seasonal maintenance checks and budget plans for maintenance throughout the year
• mechanical attention by factory certified technicians on site
• Toro Turf product information
Peace of Mind Audit to assess your fleet of equipment or single machine for upgrades

Bowling Green Toro Turf Equipment

Toro Turf Equipment Sales in Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you are shopping for new Toro Turf equipment, we can help you track down the best product for your needs. Every piece of equipment from Toro Turf is designed to handle specific tasks and industries, and, therefore, it can be overwhelming to determine the right investments on your own. Our qualified sales technicians at our service center in Bowling Green can help you make the best final decision. You can count on us to lead you to making informed choices without being salesy and always offering a friendly personality. You can see information right now about available Toro Turf products by visiting the Toro Turf Equipment page on our site.

If you would like to know more about Toro Turf equipment or need help with equipment you already own, be sure to give us a call or stop by our sales and service center servicing Bowling Green, Kentucky today.

Contact information for our Bowling Green sales representative:

Sammy Montgomery


Phone: 502-741-3945