Bowling Green, KY Turf Management Solutions

New Turf and Construction Equipment

With over a century of experience in the turf maintenance and construction equipment industries, we’ve developed extensive knowledge about the best products and manufacturers within the industry. That’s why we’re proud to work with some of the best and biggest names, like Toro, CASE, and Ventrac.


Equipment from Toro includes utility vehicles, mowers, application equipment, and more. They’ve designed lines of turf management and landscaping products that are created to increase your team’s overall effectiveness and efficiency. Toro’s durable, reliable, and powerful turf maintenance products will help you get the job done quicker than ever.

Additionally, Toro offers construction equipment such as the ProSneak 365 Vibratory Plow and the Toro Dingo. Both products were created with the customer in mind to ensure that they’d be able to get any job done easier than ever before.


From wheel loaders and excavators to bulldozers and compactors, you’re sure to find CASE products that meet the needs of your construction business. CASE is known around the world for providing some of the most durable and powerful pieces of construction equipment on the market today.

Experts from Kenney Machinery are trained by CASE on their equipment and can provide professional advice on factors to consider when purchasing new heavy equipment, as well as offering you the newest techniques.


Kenney Machinery is proud to be Indiana’s newest certified Ventrac dealer. They provide customers with multi-purpose compact tractors and attachments that can tackle a variety of different jobs. Capable of rough-cut mowing, sweeping, blowing snow, hauling rocks, trimming edges, and much more, Ventrac tractors are among the most versatile on the market today.

For even more versatility, Kenney Machinery can provide customers with over 30 attachments and dozens of accessories. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your Ventrac product needs.

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Used Turf and Construction Equipment

Deciding to purchase heavy equipment comes with many factors to consider, price among them. When purchasing construction or turf management equipment, it doesn’t necessarily need to be new. Kenney Machinery offers used equipment from the top manufacturers on the market.

Buying used turf and construction equipment from Kenney Machinery helps customers purchase the same high-quality equipment they would receive when buying new, but at a lower overall price point. If your company is considering purchasing equipment, consider the benefits of buying used.

Additionally, all pre-owned equipment from Kenney Machinery will have a detailed description of its current condition and will contain any necessary information about any warranties or guarantees. Contact Kenney Machinery for used construction and turf management solutions in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Rental Equipment From Kenney Machinery

Construction and turf management jobs can change quickly and without warning. Sometimes, a job will call for a specific piece of equipment that you won’t often need in the future. In circumstances such as these, choosing to rent equipment may provide financial benefits.

By renting equipment from Kenney Machinery, you’ll ensure that you’re receiving the products that you need in order to get a job done, while paying significantly less than if you were to purchase the equipment. The next time that a job requires equipment that you don’t currently own, consider renting from Kenney Machinery.

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