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Outcross, Z-Master, and Dingo: 2018 is a Great Year for Toro’s Next Generation Turf Equipment Products

If it seems like Toro has moving right from one major new product launch to the next lately, there is a good reason for that. Even for a company that is known throughout the turf equipment industry for its innovation, 2018 has been an exceptional year for Toro. In fact, it might be too exceptional.  We’re worried that with all the new product announcements coming out of the Toro newsroom, you might have missed some important details. You see, the new products Toro has been putting out lately aren’t just minor tweaks to existing product lines.  They include some very
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Save 10% on Genuine Toro Blades

It’s always good to have the blades you need on hand. And now is the perfect time to stock up, because blades are an even greater value when you order more at once. Now through 7/31/2018, when you order ten or more blades from Kenney Machinery, we’ll give you 10% off your order. Contact us to order your rotary mower blades today!
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Free Workman GTX Accessory

  Now through October 15, 2018, buy the versatile, dependable Workman GTX and get one FREE accessory,* up to a $500 value!   Contact Kenney Machinery today to request a free demo!   *Choose from these accessories:     Note: No discount in lieu of free accessory and no substitutions.
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