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Kenney Machinery Employees Lend a Helping Hand Around the World

The purpose statement of Kenney Machinery Corporation is “Growing People Who Grow the Green Industry”, and today we’d like to highlight two of our employees who have experienced personal growth thanks to service projects that have taken them outside both the borders of our country and their own comfort zones. As Kenney Machinery Corporation CEO Mike Kenney explained on our blog earlier this year, one of the company’s goals for 2016 is to use a partnership with the Indianapolis-based nonprofit TrueU to help employees become leaders at home, in their communities, and at work. Part of that process involves opportunities
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The Reel Story: Turf Equipment Maintenance Tips

In the second installment of our series on the importance of using genuine Toro parts when maintaining your turf equipment, we take a look at reels.  Here’s a few tips about reel maintenance and upkeep. Maintaining Your Reel In order to keep your reel in good condition there are several things that you will need to keep an eye out for. These things include: The bed knife to reel contact. Where the bed knife and reel make contact, it is important that these are checked each day in order to assure that they are still sharp. Edge Condition- The edges
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Customer Spotlight: The Sagamore Club

Starting this month, Kenney Machinery Corporation will be honoring one of our customers each month as the “customer of the month.” This customer will be highlighted in an article on our blog, featured on our Facebook page and promoted in our monthly email newsletter. The customer of the month for February is The Sagamore Club in Noblesville, Indiana, which is one of the newest golf courses in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area. Despite its young age, the club is already setting a new high standard for both course design and customer service. In 2004, Golf Digest named it one of
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