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Filtering the Truth: Why You Need Genuine Toro Air Filters

It’s not hot air: after-market parts and investment-level landscaping equipment just don’t mix. While you might think the only risk to your Toro machinery is poor performance, using a “will fit” off-brand air filter can actually do permanent damage to your equipment, even if you end up switching back to genuine Toro air filters. Here are only a few reasons why Toro filters are the clear winner: Tough Stuff: They’re made with very specific Toro equipment specs, vibration and performance load in mind, incorporating corrosion resistance and steel support. It’s an attention to detail that simply isn’t shared by mass-produced,
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Tax Benefits of Turf Equipment Purchases

It’s that time of year again—the time when your accountant lets you know how much you’re going to owe in taxes to Uncle Sam. If your accountant is worth the money you pay him, one of the questions he’ll be asking you is whether or not you qualify for any section 179 tax deductions for 2015. In order to help you impress your accountant by actually knowing what the heck he’s talking about when he asks you that question, we’ve prepared a few FAQs about section 179 and the possible tax benefits of turf equipment purchases. What is a Section
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Kenney Machinery’s Goals for 2016

January is a time when many businesses set goals for the coming year and reflect on their accomplishments from the previous year, and so it is with Kenney Machinery. Recently, our President and CEO Mike Kenney took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about what Kenney Machinery Corporation hopes to accomplish in 2016. Here’s what Mike had to say: What are some of Kenney Machinery’s goals for 2016? Although we have several goals related to increasing sales and market share, our most important goal is about our purpose as a business, which is to help
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