Hard Cab for Toro Workman HD

Cab for toro workman hdOur featured accessory this week for the versatile Toro UTVs is the hard cab for Toro Workman HD vehicles.  The cab features a vented front glass windshield for cross ventilation, side panels for enhanced visibility, an interior dome light, and a 2-speed windshield wiper.  The cab has been ROPS certified to protect the operator in case of a roll-over accident.

The cab by itself is nice enough, but why stop with just the cab when you can add doors, a heater, and a rear-view mirror?

In fact, there are two options when it comes to the doors.  You can either add solid window doors, as pictured above, or you can add sliding window doors as pictured below.  The sliding window in the operator door is useful for situations where the operator might have to swipe or display a security badge while moving around a campus or facility in the utility vehicle.

hard cab for toro workman hd

The cab heater for the Workman HD, when installed, is located on the passenger side near the floor, and ties into the radiator to provide enhanced comfort on cold weather days.

With the rear view mirror kit, you get mirrors on both the passenger and operator side for enhanced all-around visibility.

Between the cab itself, the doors, heater, and rear-view mirror, your Workman HD will be a more comfortable and safe working environment for the operator.