UTV Buyer’s Guide — Which Utility Vehicle is the Best?

Buyers GuideInvesting in a UTV is a big decision. With so many models to choose from, you must be sure to take the time to find just the right vehicle for your needs. We’ve compiled some factors to consider as well as a comparison of some popular models to help with your purchase decision.

Features – There are many variables separating UTV models. Utility vehicles have many optional features for comfort and convenience, such as automatic transmission, power steering, and 4-wheel drive. These are not necessities but definitely, improve your driving experience.

Intended Usage – Not all UTVs are created equal – each model is made for a specific purpose. For instance, some utility vehicles are made for hauling heavy loads, plowing snow, farm work, and pulling trailers, with more power than speed, where others are built for getting around quickly and nimbly.

Engine Size – The size of a UTV’s engine is directly related to its intended use. Larger engines are faster and more powerful, where smaller engines are lighter and can be easier to handle. Bigger engine displacement means more ability to pull, haul, and plow snow.

All of these details are important to consider when purchasing a new Utility Vehicle. With this in mind, we’ll cover four popular Utility Vehicle models, for turf and grounds use, comparing them on all major points to help you make the best choice.

John Deere TS 4X2 Series Traditional Utility Vehicle

John Deere TSThe John Deere TS 4×2 features a 400cc gas engine with a top speed of 20mph. The TS 4×2 features an available deluxe cargo box made of copolymer composite material with rounded inside corners, for easy material removal, new flatbed mode, and an easy-to-open pickup truck style tailgate. The cargo box can hold 500lb of material.

The TS 4X2 is available, of course, in John Deere Green. The cup holders, glove box, side-by-side bucket seating and four-wheel fully independent suspension gives a comfortable ride and convenient operation.  Available accessories include backup alarm, utility cart, brush guards and constant-velocity guards.

Club Car Carryall 700

The Carryall 700 is Club Cars’ current mid-size UTVClub Car Carryall 700 that features a 404cc EFI gas engine that reaches a top speed of 17mph.  The nearly 6ft long aluminum cargo bed can be customized with optional Fit-To-Task rear box and cab, basically converting it into a tiny van.

Independent suspension and 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes a safe, sturdy ride. The Carryall 700 is available in a variety of color options including white, gray, turf green and blue. The lockable glove box, bench seat, flat floor, and simple dash layout along with the many customizable fit-to-task options make the Club Car Carryall a good choice for custom needs.

Cushman Hauler 1200

Cushman’s Hauler 1200 Cushman Hauler 1200utility vehicle has a 401cc gas engine with a top speed of 14mph and can tow up to 720lb. The cargo box can carry 800lb of material and can be customized to add dividers and long handle tool attachments, and lifts for easy access to the powertrain for maintenance. The removable, hinged tailgate features a no-latch closing mechanism.

The simple dash, rear-wheel mechanical drum brakes, hydraulic shocks, and CVT transmission round out this rugged, no-nonsense UTV. Optional accessories include brush guard, brake and tail lights, ladder rack, and 20” tires.

Toro Workman GTX Crossover Utility Vehicle

Toro Workman GTXToro’s latest Workman GTX grounds and turf crossover utility vehicle is available in both a 48-volt electric model and a high-efficiency 429cc gas powered model that reaches a top speed of 16mph. Although the Workman has a middle of the road top speed compared to the competition, a newly improved power to weight ratio gives the GTX some impressive hauling and towing specs – it can pull up to 1,000lb in tow, and the cargo bed can hold 800lb so crews can get more done in fewer trips.

The electric model features an onboard charger for easy maintenance and high efficiency. Coil-over shocks on all four wheels deliver a smooth, more comfortable ride, while hydraulic disk brakes offer reliable, easy braking, with less pedal force than mechanical cable brakes. The Workman GTX is highly versatile and highly customizable with over 40 different optional accessories including hose reels and trash can holders that are mountable on either the front or the rear of the vehicle. Bucket and bench seat options are available, configurable in bench or bucket seats for 2 or 4 people as well as options for a 4 or 6ft  flatbed.

Other popular options include canopies and cabs (2 seat configurations only), a racking system for the bed – allowing you to stow tools and equipment up and out of the way, and an L-track system allowing you to attach bungee cords or ropes to secure items safely in the bed. The Workman is the only model we’ve covered to include a USB port in the dash for convenient charging of cell phones, iPads and other devices as standard equipment. Just about the only thing that isn’t customizable is the color – available in red and black only.

All of these options have their positive points: the John Deere is fast, the Club Car is customizable, and the Toro is versatile, customizable and can haul a half ton. While the choice is yours, if you are looking for custom fit with the muscle to haul, pull, and plow, the Toro wins the day.

Interested in learning more about the Toro Workman GTX? Contact us today for details!