Kenney Machinery Partners with HydraMax Erosion Control

HydramaxHydraulic erosion control products are mulches applied as a slurry and engineered to reduce soil erosion while assisting in the establishment and growth of vegetation.  Kenney Machinery has partnered with North America Green, the world’s leading provider of erosion control solutions, to give our clients access to the proprietary HydraMax™ Systems hydraulic erosion control products.  The main benefits of HydraMax products compared to other erosion control solutions include:

  • They can be installed up to three times faster than erosion control blankets with 1/3 of the manpower.
  • They have low water-to-mulch ratios that increase productivity by requiring fewer tank loads per site.
  • Grow grass quickly with increased germination and biomass production for quick bond release.
  • Help you comply with EPA effluent guidelines without treating water.

Efficient Application

With a recommended 100 gals/50 lbs water-to-mulch ratio, HydraMax mulches give you 25% more mulch per tank load than mulches with a water:mulch ratio of 125 gals/50 lbs.

This results in less water usage, less fuel consumption, more coverage per tank, fewer tank loads, increased productivity, and a job done faster.


Less Soil Loss

To guarantee that their HECPs perform under actual field conditions, HydraMax subjected them to a modified ASTM D 6459 large-scale slope testing protocol. In general, the large-scale slope tests report average soil loss from product test plots and compare the results to the average soil loss from bare soil control plots.  From these soil loss values, a
Cover-factor (or C-factor) is determined. The C-factor, a direct representation of the products’ erosion control effectiveness, is employed in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE ) for predicting sheet and rill erosion on slopes.

As you can see from the comparison chart, HydraCX™ Extreme Slope Matrix demonstrated an unprecedented 100% soil protection and the HydraCM™ Steep Slope Matrix registered an outstanding 99.7% effectiveness in reducing soil erosion!