Kenney Machinery Customer Featured on Cover of GCM Magazine

GCM Magazine CoverThe cover story in the July edition of Golf Course Management magazine, the monthly publication of the GCSAA, features a customer of Kenney Machinery Corporation.

The story is about Dean Beanblossom, the superintendent of Chariot Run Golf course in Laconia, Indiana.  It details Dean’s unlikely path to his current position, and recounts several severe accidents he was involved in along the way that changed the course of his life.

The first accident, according to the article, occurred when he was eight years old and traveling in a car with his family.  A head-on collision between his family’s car and a pickup truck left him with a 8-inch scar on his left cheek that serves as a constant reminder of life’s fragility.

The second accident, which occurred in 2002, is the one that changed the course of his life and started him on the path that led him to where he is today.  At the time, he was a harness racing driver, a sport that involves driving a horse-drawn, chariot-like cart called a sulky.  In a race at the LaPorte County Fair on a wet track, he collided with another sulky after the horse pulling it tumbled.  He was thrown through the air, and suffered extensive injuries to his head, shoulder, arm, and foot.  He decided it was time to try something other than harness racing, and ended up taking an entry-level job in the maintenance department of a golf course at the age of 39.  From there, he rose through the ranks to become superintendent in 2011.

You can read the full story about Dean on the GCM Magazine website.  Dean, if you’re reading this, we very much appreciate having you and the Chariot Run Golf course as a customer–you’re an inspiration to us all!