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Kenney Machinery Partners with HydraMax Erosion Control

Hydraulic erosion control products are mulches applied as a slurry and engineered to reduce soil erosion while assisting in the establishment and growth of vegetation.  Kenney Machinery has partnered with North America Green, the world’s leading provider of erosion control solutions, to give our clients access to the proprietary HydraMax™ Systems hydraulic erosion control products.  The main benefits of HydraMax products compared to other erosion control solutions include: They can be installed up to three times faster than erosion control blankets with 1/3 of the manpower. They have low water-to-mulch ratios that increase productivity by requiring fewer tank loads per
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ATV Tire Kit for Toro Workman GTX

Let’s face it, if you’re using a utility vehicle to help maintain your facility, chances are you’re probably not always going to be driving it on paved surfaces or well-manicured lawns.  That’s why one of the dozens of available accessories for the Toro Workman GTX is the ATV tire kit. The kit includes four ATV-style tires and rims, which will allow you to use your utility vehicle on a wider variety of terrain without worrying about getting stuck in the mud. Accessories like the ATV tire kit are what make the Workman GTX one of the most versatile utility vehicles
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