Z-Spray Sprayers, Spreaders, & Aerators

Kenney Machinery is proud to be a manufacturer’s representative for the complete line of popular Z-Spray products in Indiana and Kentucky, including sprayers, spreaders, and aerators.

Z-Spray has long had a reputation as one of the top brands in the commercial lawn care industry, and now that they are owned by the Toro Company, it means that their products will be available through Toro distributors like Kenney Machinery. Continue reading for a description of the Z-Spray products we have available.

Z-Spray Sprayers and Spreaders

Z-MaxZ-Spray’s commercial sprayers are designed to fit the needs of a variety of different situations.

The largest model, the Z-Max, features a 320 lb. granular fertilizer capacity and an industry leading 60 gallon liquid capacity.  On the other hand, the Junior 36 model is the world’s first zero turn commercial spreader able to fit through a 36 inch gate, making it ideal for tight situations and smaller lawns.

All Z-Spray Sprayers and Spreaders are proudly made in America–right here in Indiana, in fact–using a state-of-the art Laser and CNC machining processes normally used by large manufacturers. Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) provides consistency and precision in all their products, and they use only quality name brand components.

View the complete line of Z-Spray sprayers here, and contact Kenney Machinery to place an order or ask a question about a product.

Z-Spray Aerators

Z-plugThe Z-Plug aerator from Z-Spray is the first stand-on zero turn aerator of its kind, and incorporates a number of revolutionary features to make the labor intensive job of aeration much easier.

It can aerate more than 100,000 square feet per hour, and uses a hydraulic system that lifts the tine head in less than 3 seconds for quick turnarounds.

Thanks to numerous available attachments such as a snow plow, slide seeder, de-thatch rake, spiker, and sprayer system, the Z-Plug is a truly versatile piece of equipment.

Click here to learn more about the Z-Plug, or contact us to ask a question or place an order.