How to Select the Right Snow Removal Machine for Your Business

For businesses that are located in colder climates, winter can present quite a challenge. When several inches of snow accumulate overnight, it’s critical that you’re prepared with the necessary snow removal equipment to clear snow surrounding your workplace.

How do you know, however, what the right snow removal equipment is for your business to tackle the winter weather Mother Nature brings each year? In our most recent blog, Kenney Machinery discusses how to select the best snow removal equipment for your business.

Types of Snow Removal Machines

When you’re deciding which type of machine is best for removing snow for your business, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the area, the amount of snow you usually receive in a given winter, the surface or terrain type that you’ll use the system on, and more. After considering the factors that are most important and relevant to your situation, assess snow removal machines such as:

Salt Spreader

Utilizing salt spreaders is a great way to not only tackle snow, but to also melt any ice that might be resting under the surface of the snow. Ensuring that any existing ice is melted will protect your employees from any dangerous slipping accidents that could occur when ice is present on parking lots and sidewalks.

Salt spreaders work similarly to seed and fertilizer spreaders. As you push salt spreaders from behind, the system will spread salt to quickly and effectively melt any snow or ice that it comes in contact with. These systems are ideal for large areas where at least an inch of snow has fallen.


Snowplows are best utilized in larger areas where several inches of snow have accumulated. They clear the area of snow quickly, and most utility vehicles, trucks, or other vehicles will offer a snowplow accessory that is compatible with the vehicle.

A simple design that usually features angled blades facing the ground, snowplows should only be used on flat surfaces where the blades have free and easy access to the ground below.

Sidewalk Snow Vehicle (SSV)

Sidewalk snow utility vehicles are great at, you guessed it, clearing snow and ice from sidewalks. SSV’s allow you to remove snow from sidewalks and walkways, without forcing you to do so through the time-consuming method of shoveling. Using an SSV is a great way to save yourself a good deal of time and effort.

Snow Blower

Snow blowers are usually a bit more time-consuming to use than other methods, but they absolutely work just as well and are a great way to ensure that you’re clearing out all of the present snow in parking lots, walkways and sidewalks. With a snow blower, you’ll walk with the system in front of you. As snow enters the unit, the blower launches snow out of the top and off to the side.

Snow blowers, similar to SSVs, are great options for smaller areas. These simple, easy-to-use systems are able to blow through several inches of snow at a time.

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