Bench Seat Kit for Workman GTX

Our Toro Workman UTV accessory of the week is the bench seat kit for the Workman GTX.

The kit allows you to replace the standard bucket seat with a bench seat. It features an Elastomeric Vibration Control system to improve operator comfort.

The Workman GTX can be configured with either two or four seats, and with this kit, those seats can either be bench seats or bucket seats.

It’s just one of the dozens of available accessories for the Workman line of UTVs, making them the most versatile line of UTVs on the market.

Benefits of the Workman GTX Bench Seat Kit

Space for More People

With the standard seating options of the Workman GTX, you’ll be able to fit two people within the vehicle. With the addition of the GTX bench seat kit, however, you’re able to expand your seating capacity. 

After installing the bench seat to your, you’ll have room for a third or even a fourth person in the vehicle. The bench kit allows you to bring more people to the job than you were previously able to.

More Comfortable Seating

Though the original seating of the Toro Workman GTX is certainly among the most comfortable available for UTV vehicles, some people prefer a different option. The use of the bench seat kit allows for more comfortable and spread out seating. 

Thanks to the Elastomeric Vibration Control system featured in the bench kit, you won’t be bothered by any vibrations while operating the vehicle. Instead, you’ll notice a smooth, enjoyable, and comfortable driving experience.

Additional Accessories

The Toro Workman GTX is one of the best UTV vehicles on the market today. Thanks to its wide range of accessories, it can truly adapt to whatever job you have for it. 


The Workman GTX is compatible with several accessories that make securing and attaching equipment to your vehicle simple and easy. From trash cans to spreaders, you’ll find an attachment that helps to make your job easier.


Working all day in the hot summer sun can be tough. Thankfully, Toro thought of that and developed a solution. Toro offers canopy accessories to attach to your Workman GTX to keep you and your passengers cool from the hot sun.


For bigger jobs that require more workers, Toro developed an extension kit to allow you to seat more passengers than before. When you need an easy way to bring more workers to your job site, consider an extension kit from Toro.


Equipment like shovels, rakes, wrenches, and more shouldn’t be left in your UTV unattached. Instead, ensure that your tools won’t accidentally fall out of your vehicle by adding a racking system to your utility vehicle.

Contact Kenney for Workman GTX Accessories

The Toro Workman GTX is an extremely versatile UTV that can adapt however you need it to. With a variety of different accessories available to turn it into the optimal utility vehicle for you, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the vehicle. For Toro vehicles and accessories, get in contact with the professionals at Kenney Machinery today.