Toro Workman UTV Featured Accessories Help Increase Storage Capacity

Toro Workman Utility Vehicles are incredibly durable, versatile, and effective utility vehicles that help you get the job done. With the addition of a few accessories, you’ll become more productive and effective than ever before, as you’re able to store more equipment and supplies.

As we continue to highlight the versatility of Toro’s utility vehicles by reviewing all of their available accessories, we want to showcase several of their accessories that are designed to help increase the storage capacity of your vehicle.

Underhood Storage Kit

First up is the underhood storage kit, which provides an easy-to-reach storage area in the front of your Workman GTX. Though you may not expect to find a space for storage under your hood, it’s actually one of the safest and most effective ways to store smaller pieces of equipment.

The addition of an underhood storage kit allows you to store smaller items like rags, gloves, bungee cords, and more that could otherwise be difficult to store in a utility vehicle.

Workman Under Hood Storage Kit

Bed-Mounted Racking System

Next, we have the bed-mounted racking system, which helps you secure everyday items like shovels and rakes to the bed of the vehicle. Never again will you have to throw your shovels and rakes in the bed of the vehicle, hoping they don’t fly out with every bump your vehicle hits.

Instead, you can be sure that your equipment stays securely in place. You’ll be saving room, reducing clutter, and ensuring that your equipment is safe and secure within the bed of the vehicle. 

With the addition of a bed-mounted racking system to your Toro Workman Utility Vehicle, you’ll even save time and improve productivity, as you’re not required to go back and forth between your worksite and your equipment storage area nearly as often.

Toro Workman Bed Mounted Racking Kit

Trash Can Mount

Lastly, there’s the trash can mount, which allows the Workman to carry two 32-gallon trash cans  on the rear of the vehicle. If your vehicle has a front receiver, you can even mount the trash cans to the front.

The addition of a trash can mount for your Toro Workman Utility Vehicle allows you to safely and securely transport two 32-gallon trash cans to and from an area. Easy to install, the addition of a trash can mount will reduce clutter and give you more space to store the rest of your equipment.

Toro Workman Trash Can Mount

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Toro Workman Utility Vehicles are about as reliable as it gets. From the durable design and frame to the overall versatility, if you’re in the market for a utility vehicle, look no further than Toro’s line of Workman Utility Vehicles.

With the addition of these three easy-to-add accessories, you’ll make your utility vehicle more versatile than ever! For new and used Toro vehicles and equipment that you can trust, get in touch with the professionals at Kenney Machinery today for information about our available options.