Toro Groundsmaster 1200 Pull Behind Rotary Mower

Maximize your equipment and your manpower with the new Toro® Groundmaster® 1200 pull-behind rotary mower. Toro did not sacrifice durability or quality to create this powerful, pull-behind mower.

Toro Groundsmaster 1200

It’s the perfect way to add more versatility and ability to the tractor you already have. Use your Torro Outcrosse 9060 or other tractors with at least 35hp PTO to pull the new Groundmaster® 1200 attachment.

Superior Cutting Deck

Groundsmaster 1200 Cutting DeckThe Groundmaster® 1200 has three cutting decks with dual full rollers for a pristine, golf-course quality cut. It offers a 12-foot wide cutting capacity, maximizing to make sure you get every job done efficiently. Adjust the cut height from 0.5” to 4” for the perfect cut in any situation.

The contour-following cutting decks easily adapt to the changes in terrain to attain the perfectly manicured lawn. Two full-width rollers on the front and rear of the deck reduce scalping and provide excellent turf striping.

Customers are raving that the cutting decks are outfitted with the same Groundmaster® spindles with heavy-duty shafts and dual tapered roller bearings. These components are designed to tackle even the toughest mowing conditions and last year after year.

Durability and Convenience

To up the durability, Toro added bidirectional impact absorption technology that protects each cutting deck from damage in the event they hit an obstacle. If a wing deck accidentally hits something while mowing, the deck will pivot out of the way for safety.

Groundsmaster 1200 quick transportThe wing decks fold up for fast, safe transport and easier storage. When folded, the mower is just 88 inches wide, only really needing a storage solution like this gable shed or other similar sized garden storage options. With the wings upright, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, too. The Groundmaster® 1200 also features transport axles that have integrated torsion springs to cushion the load of the mower during transport to minimize bumping and bouncing.

Turnarounds are easy, too. Other mowers require you to turn off the PTO to turn around and continue mowing. Not so with the Groundmaster®! Simply raise the decks a few inches to prevent scuffing while you turn around and you’re off on your merry way!

Toro Groundmaster® 1200 Specifications

Travel Speed: Mows up to 8.73 acres per hour at 6mph

Wheels / Tires: 20×10 -10 6 ply K500 turf tread

Length: 145.5 in. with hitch fully extended

Height: 75.75 inches

Width: 149.8 inches; Transport – 86 inches

Weight: 2,984lbs, Tongue in transport – 691 lbs

Mowing Width: 12 feet overall; individual deck – 54 inches; Overlap – 9 inches

Blades: 9 blades, 19 inches long and 0.25 inches thick

Blade tip speed: 15,000 +/- 300 feet / min at 540 PTO RPM

Spindles: Bearings are 1.25 inches diameter spindle shafts; 9 inch diameter conical ductile iron housing and two greasable tapered roller bearings

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

The Groundmaster® 1200 is the perfect addition to your mowing arsenal. It allows you to maximize the use of your tractors and manpower without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Contact Kenney Machinery to schedule a demo, learn more, or order yours today!