Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series

The Greensmaster 1000 series is Toro’s newest edition of fixed-head walk-behind greens mowers. Toro redesigned this line of mowers to ensure that operators and greens mowers work perfectly with each other to eliminate operator error and achieve beautiful, consistent playing conditions.

Choose from three models in the Greensmaster 1000 series based on your desired cutting width, whether you need a mower for narrow striping or a wide cutting width for efficient mowing. The 1018, 1021, and 1026 have cutting widths of 18”, 21” and 26” respectively.

Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series


The convenient, detachable cutting units let you choose between 8, 11, and 14 blade EdgeSeries reels so you can get the exact cutting height you want in any mowing condition. Use the easy-to-reach hi-lo clip rate knob to change the clip frequency in the field.

Toro offers additional clip rate settings with an easy gear change so you can fine-tune the cut quality to your exact specifications. You can even quickly convert the Greensmaster 1000 mowers from greens to tee mowers.

Toro’s innovative swing axle design lets you position the bedknife cutting edge for your preferred cut height. Add an optional groomer to customize the cut and after-cut appearance further.

New operator controls

Toro added impressive new operator control features to the mowers in the Greensmaster 1000 series. The fully adjustable, telescoping handle is the first of its kind in the industry. The 5-position handle adjusts quickly to allow each operator to fit the mower to their preferred height for maximum comfort and control, which reduces fatigue and ensures a consistent cut from start to finish.

Even a slight change in hand pressure or operator strides can cause variability in the height-of-cut. Toro sought to eliminate this variability with the new rubber-mounted loop handle that reduces oscillation and keeps the cutting unit in contact with the ground.

The new design also has a combined operational and safety bail. The operational bail lets you slow down or stop in tight turns without disengaging the traction. All the operational controls, like reel engagement, throttle, and traction, are thoughtfully located for safety and efficiency.

Simplified maintenance

In addition to comfort and precision, Toro focused on minimizing and simplifying maintenance. They used a modular design in the Greensmaster 1000 series, so you’ll be able to change the drum, cutting unit, transmission, or engine in a matter of minutes!

The gear drive transmission does not require greasing. Add an onboard backlapping kit that will allow you to backlap directly using the transport wheels. The convenient traction release function makes it easy to move the Greensmaster mowers for maintenance and storage.

The new Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series greens mowers raise the standards for fixed-head mower performance. Contact Kenney Machinery to learn more and order yours today.

Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series Features:

  • Honda GX120 engine has enough power for excellent cutting and accessorizing.
  • The telescoping handle is the first in the industry; engineered to let operators of different heights mow in a comfortable position, which leads to less fatigue and a better cut.
  • Handle isolation mounts eliminate oscillations and deliver a consistent cutting height.
  • Dual function bail adds safety and convenience. Operators can slow down or come to a complete stop during turnarounds without disengaging the traction.
  • Adjustable throttle located within easy reach to improve the overall cut, consistency, and control in all conditions.
  • Reel engagement lever is easy for operators to reach
  • Hi-Lo clip rate knob lets you change the clip frequency even in the field so you can mow the perimeters, collars, and other areas. Or, lock out the quick-change feature for extra control.
  • Standard or interlaced grooming with many quick-change options and accessories so you can get the ideal cut and aftercut appearance.
  • Durable gear drive transmission is lubricated for life and offers best-in-class durability.
  • Detachable DPA cutting units let you change the cutting units in a matter of minutes. Select an 8,11, or 14 blade EdgeSeries reel cutting unit.
  • Convert from greens to tees with the innovative swing axle design that quickly changes the mower from a greens mower to a tee mower.
  • Modular sub-assembly design lets you make adjustments and repairs quickly. Remove the engine, transmission, drum, or cutting unit in minutes for replacement or repairs.
  • Onboard backlapping option on the Greensmaster 1021 and 1026 mowers without any additional motors or bench tools.
  • Traction release lever lets you disengage the traction quickly to move and store the mowers easily

Greensmaster 1000 Series Technical Specifications

Engine: Honda GX120 3.5 hp @ 3600 rpm, gasoline with integral lighting coil

Fuel capacity: 2.1 qts (2 liters)

Frame: full modular for quick disassembly

Traction drive: complete gear drive transmission with integral traction differential and traction drive disconnect

Traction drum: dual-position traction drum with positions for contour following or forward weight bias at higher heights of cut

Ground speed: mowing speed 2.0 mph to 3.5 mph; transport speed 5.3 mph

Clutch: externally mounted two-sided dry disc clutch actuated by dual motion bail

Brake: service/parking –band type

Cutting unit drive: quick change dual speed gear drive

Cutting unit attachment: Detachable cutting unit for easy maintenance or exchange

Cutting unit options: 8-blade, 11-blade, and 14-blade cutting unit options

Controls: Engine mounted: recoil starter, choke, fuel shutoff; handle mounted: on/off switch, throttle lever, dual motion traction/safety bail, reel engage lever, service/park brake lever, hour meter, light switch (optional).

Handle: loop handle with telescoping adjustment (5” total travel), rubber isolated for minimal operator influence

Transport tires/kickstand: two optional, quick-detachable pneumatic tires; kickstand Is standard

Width of cut: 18”, 21”, or 26” depending on model

Height of cut range: For greens: (drum position one) 0.062” to 0.312”; For Tees: (drum position two) 0.25” to 0.625”; High height of Cut Kit: (drum position two) 1.18.”

Weight: 210 to 240 libs with 11-blade cutting unit, aluminum Wiehle roller (depending on model)

Maintenance requirements: no daily greasing required

Certification: designed in accordance with applicable ANSI and CE specifications

Warranty: two-year limited warranty