Kenney Machinery Publishes Resource List for Turf Professionals

turf industry resources

With the amount of information for turf professionals and the Green Industry available online these days, it can be hard to keep track of where to find the best resources.

In order to help our clients discover new sources of helpful information, Kenney Machinery has published a list of the top resources for turf professionals and the green industry.  The list includes magazines, blogs, associations, trade shows, podcasts, and more.  There are over 75 resources listed, and we will continue to add more resources to the list going forward.   Click here to view the complete list.

We hope you find the resource list useful.  If you are aware of a resource that is not on our list but that you think should be on the list, contact us and we will consider adding it if it meets our standards for quality, relevance, and usefulness.