Natural Grass Products

RotaQuakeTM 630

The Bullseye RotaQuake 630 is an aerator that decompacts the soil using a set of rotating steel blades. As these blades cut cleanly through the soil, they create a wave action that shatters compacted areas and opens up the subsoil. The RotaQuake can work at depths up to 10” (25.4 cm) with minimal to no surface disruption to keep your turf ready for play. The rear roller smooths surface behind rotating blades and the integrated legs make unhooking and storage easy.

RapidSeedTM 430/590

The Bullseye RapidSeed 430 and 590 are ideal where economy and random seed dispersement is important. Both RapidSeed overseeding machines offer the same accurate means to produce thousands of holes, deliver the seed and brush in, all with a single machine. Available in two widths, there is a unit for tighter, more undulating areas or larger areas. The spikes are conical-shaped, so more seed actually drops into the holes. The seeds drop when the side wheel turns, so there is no spillage of seed when the machine is not in operation. An optional replacement rear spiked roller can be added to double the number of holes per pass. The optional hydraulic lift wheel kit allows the seeder to be towed behind even a Workman® HDX and provides improved ground-following ability.

AccuraSeedTM 620

The AccuraSeed 620 plants grass seed directly into the ground, providing outstanding seed-to-soil contact and unmatched germination. The simple, yet effective twin discs open a slit for seed placement allowing for multiple passes without disrupting dormant or winter damaged surfaces. The large capacity hopper with windows to monitor seed level allows for less frequent refills, resulting in greater productivity. A proven seed size adjustment and metering design allows the machine to provide an infinite range of seeding rates with all seed types, from very large to the very smallest of seed varieties.

NuSurfaceTM 470/790

The Bullseye NuSurface 470 & 790 are used to fraise mow, flail mow, level, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as harvest sprigs. These products are ideal for use on golf courses and are quickly becoming the go-to grass removal tool for fast and efficient resurfacing projects. It’s rotary action removes material and transfers it onto a conveyor system for disposal, leaving behind a smooth surface, immediately ready for sod or seeding. These machines are highly productive and can be adjusted in small increments for the desired level of aggresiveness. Rather than swapping out the entire blade mount rotor to change mowing operations, a cost effective optional verti-cut blade set is easily installed to replace the standard fraise/flail mowing blade set.

QuickGroomTM 710

The Bullseye QuickGroom 710 is designed to groom, and evenly incorporate topdressing material quickly and efficiently. The combination of angled and straight brushes both move materials side to side and leave a smooth, finished surface. Optional adjustable depth spring tines can be used to lightly de-thatch natural grass. An optional electric lift wheel kit expands your tow vehicle options to include even the GTX line of utility vehicles. Manually folding side wings can be added, converting the groomer to over 13’ (4 meters) wide, increasing productivity for fairways and any other large turf areas.

QuickGroomTM 700

For brushing and striping of natural turf, nothing beats the proven Bullseye QuickGroom 700. The highly-effective triangular arrangement of the brushes will redistribute topdressing material side to side while standing up and grooming each grass blade for an attractive finish. Long-wearing poly-bristles quickly and efficiently brush topdressing to an even and level finish.


QuickGroomTM 550

The Bullseye QuickGroom 550 is a towable grooming machine designed to work on natural turf. Its two round counter-rotating brushes effectively brush topdressing into aeration holes. The QuickGroom 550 is an excellent tool for standing up matted turf on a golf green to help provide a more consistent cut – resulting in a superior putting surface. This simple device can be towed by any utility vehicle, has quick and easy adjustments, and has its drive components protected inside the durable frame.