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Kaeser Air Compressors Now Available for Rent!

Special announcment: We now have Kaeser Air Compressors available for rent!  If you need an air compressor to prepare your irrigation system for winter, call Aaron Kent at 317-281-3087 to make a reservation.  Daily and weekly rates are available.

Kaeser Compressors


Irrigate precisely and efficiently, with practical water management solutions.

At Kenney Machinery we have the Toro solutions for every golf course or sports field irrigation challenge.

Toro Irrigation Systems


Central Control Systems

We can offer you the latest in Irrigation Technology to meet your needs.  Whether you have the need to update or design a new irrigation system, call upon the professionals to discover how you can incorporate water savings, central control, weather stations, and all of the latest in performance and quality in your irrigation system.


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Lynx Control System®

  • Area and Hole Orientation – Let’s you organize based on how you look at the course
  • Irrigate by Minutes or Inches – You decide and the system calculates the other
  • Dynamic Drill Down – Intuitive user interface guides you to where you need to go
  • Course Report – Provides daily report of your irrigation performance

The Lynx system conveniently combines all of your essential irrigation information in a single, intuitive interface, where it’s always readily available. You can instantly access relevant course management information-past, present or planned-from multiple sources, including weather stations, pump stations, electrical systems, sprinklers, intelligent field controllers and Toro® Turf Guard® wireless soil sensors.

Lynx Irrigation System

Field Controllers

  • Above ground satellite or below ground 2-wire systems
  • Wireless, hard wired or hybrid communication options
  • Allow for easy expansion and energy efficiency